The damage of Manwin is done; Clover’s Second Test Being Treated as a Positive

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With the fact that Clover’s [pictured] second test is being treated as a positive, the porn industry now has every reason to panic. Thank you, Manwin.

Apparently the porn villagers are now talking about going after the Manwin monster with torches and pitch forks. Only the Manwin tube sites are beyond a problem that can be fixed.

On his show Tuesday afternoon, Rob Black, offered simple alternative solutions which start with chopping the head off of AVN, the Manwin hydra [pictured].

“It’s all over but the shouting,” declared Black.

The damage of Manwin is done, and Black as Marc Antony delivered the funeral oration.

“Manwin is essentially done so talking about a dead horse is a distraction,” said Black.

“But Mike South and all these people [South’s keyboard warriors] are doing it.

“Manwin did the damage. It was let into this business, and Manwin continues to be in this business. Manwin has tube sites. But there ain’t nobody in this business that are going to do a thing about their tube site business because it’s bigger than any of us; it’s based on servers, IP addresses and things in Benelux.

“We should have been talking about Manwin when they came into the business and were buying everybody’s companies,” Black continued.

“Guys, Manwin, how many performers are employed by Manwin right now? Like Alana Evans- they’re all employed by Manwin. Manwin funds the Free Speech Coalition. Manwin funds the talent testing that fucked up the syphilis test. We gave them the content to start with, and they pirated the rest.

“Right now Manwin has the Free Speech Coalition. They funded the fight against Measure B. But that money went into Diane Duke’s pocket. They had a fundraiser last week. They took in thousands of dollars on the backs of performers. The agents got the money. Free Speech got the money.

“But Mike South is saying go after Manwin. Except the agents are in balls deep with Manwin. You guys are being bullshitted by South, AVN and XBiz for so long. You all believe whatever Mike South says. Tube sites? Digital Playground? Manwin is done.

“They don’t produce any more. Except nobody had a problem when Manwin bought all the companies, controlled a talent testing facility and controlled the governing body of the industry – that don’t bother you because they were paying and booking talent.

“All this was going on two years ago and nobody complained. Where was anybody bitching about them then? Manwin used all of your talent for tube sites, to matriculate with all the stolen talent. Everyone was cool with it, and now they’re done as a production company. All the other companies they own are on life support. They own AVN – AVN is a tube site waiting in the wings.

“They wanted Gene Ross to be the historian and they were going to bring back all the archives of AVN and do pieces of the history of AVN. But that didn’t happen which is why they killed the idea with Gene.

“Manwin owns AVN- you fucking understand that. I know you don’t believe me. So why does nobody get upset at Manwin when they do all this destruction inside our business? Now that structure is falling apart and we’re marching on Manwin tube sites?

“Mike South knows we beat him with that truth- he wasn’t going to tell you the truth. He’s telling you the agents are good, but they’re in bed with Free Speech owned by Manwin. And nobody brought up the fact that these great agents had a fundraiser with Free Speech and pocketed the money.

“’Agents are good; Free Speech is bad,'” says South.

“But they work together? Manwin came in and bought everybody’s property and nobody said anything.

“Jules Jordan made a deal to bring them into the US. Then Scott Justice and those band of thieves fucked him. The fact that a web company made their money on the web; they bought the entire business from the web. They created programs for affiliate software trafficking.

“These nerds were sending Al Quaeda messages- you think we’re going to beat them? Are you idiots?

“They built their livelihood by disseminating messages through the web. But the real issue is the fact that Manwin controls Free Speech and the testing facility that fucked up the syphilis guy [Clover] and that Manwin controls agencies that used to hire talent. I don’t get it where we’re stroking LATATA.

“Clover went to get a test and tested positive for syphilis. It was like holy shit. We fucked up the test. So Clover tells his agent who goes what the fuck, my God, Jesus Christ, we’re taking you to ANOTHER clinic.

“Now he goes to the other clinic which fucked up the Mr. Marcus syphilis test and nobody knows what’s going on. Then they go who did you work with – so this list of 15 is a little off because they’re new performers- I’m not real sure what is commendable in all this according to Mike South, except that’s their fucking job.

“If you can tell me what was done except the right thing, can you tell me what it is? Our debate is if the talent agents handled it correctly by having a test at another place, but not telling anyone except their own little group.

“Here’s my question,” Black continued.

“The minute that Cutting Edge fucked up the test, why didn’t that come out with a call for universal testing? We just showed you evidence of why the industry needs one centralized data base and one testing facility.

“So if we shut down tube sites, the syphilis problem is solved? So if we get rid of Manwin and the tube sites, syphilis is done? Are you people insane?

“The Manwin damage is done. Digital Playground is over and done. What Manwin has is done. I’m telling you. These were all investments and assets to make investors put more money in. It’s a Bernie Madoff shell.

“You’re ain’t going to do nothing about tube sites. It’s very simple. YouTube is the biggest file sharing data base in the world. You can put up copy written material until it’s flagged.

“When somebody calls YouTube to take it down, just like that, it’s up again. Isn’t Manwin’s tube concept the same thing? ‘We’ll take down material until somebody complains.’

“How are you going to stop that from Manwin? It’s all smoke and mirrors. You’re made to believe a fucking fantasy. The damage of Manwin is done.

“Stoya and Kayden Kross are now in the syphilis ridden talent pool. That’s awesome. Manwin is imploding left and right. Watch what happens at AVN. You’re going to hear the same shit that’s going on at Digital Playground.

“When Manwin pulls the plug, Paul Fishbein figures he’ll re-ignite everybody with a new company.

“’We’re going to be journalists again.’ That’s what Paul is setting up. Manwin is done. The tube sites are a distraction from the bigger picture- Manwin’s involvement with the agencies, Free Speech and the testing services.

“When Measure B went down, Michael Weinstein went into the records and brought up the fact that Manwin [a foreign entity] put in that money to fight Measure B; it was brought up and everybody swept it under the rug.

“Weinstein brought up the fact that Manwin donated $100,000, and they are a company overseas. Everybody let it go, the fact that Manwin funded Measure B and FSC. We could have stopped it then, but we didn’t like the fact that Michael Weinstein was telling you that. It burns Mike South’s balls that he’s a slave and has to toe the company line.

“Manwin is self destructing let and right. To talk about tube sites and piracy we can’t take care of piracy. What we can fix is Manwin’s influence in our testing procedure and their influence in the Free Speech Coalition; Manwin’s control with the talent and the radio stations.

“Manwin controls and operates the talent facility that fucked up the tests,” Black pointed out.

“We can’t control towel heads in a bunker funding the DRM messages. Manwin controls AVN that sends out propaganda.

“Wanna control Manwin? Stop advertising. AVN is owned and operated by Manwin people. AVN puts out the story of syphilis at 5:59 PM and tells the advertiser we are where the news is.

“But that story was covered all day long by Adultfyi and Mike South. How can you say to me, an advertiser, give me thousands for your ad because on a Monday morning, the busiest news day of the entire week, two sites that are not the bible of the business were where people went all day.

“How can you honestly look at an advertiser in the face and say you should give me your money and support AVN. How do you defend that, Monday, nobody went to your site because everyone was going to the sites that were breaking a story that got national headlines.

“That’s proof that Manwin owns AVN,” said Black.

“That’s someone that’s supposed to be the heart beat of the industry, but right now you can’t lay claim to that fact because you don’t give a fuck about giving out any news.

“Once more it says Manwin could give two shits whether they collect money or not. Manwin never intended to keep AVN going. The Sex Awards will become the new AVN. AVN is owned by Manwin so when all you knuckleheads bitch and moan about the tube sites, do something productive and tell people not to advertise with AVN. AVN is owned by Manwin.

“We could talk all day that Manwin owns all the porn entities and are sending messages from Yemen. But the way to beat them is not advertise with AVN- make their death quicker.

“Free Speech, kill it quicker and not give your money to the Free Speech Coalition. If you want to stop Manwin and beat their influence, stop the agents.

“What the fuck is Mike South doing except creating smokescreens and lies? You’re going to beat Manwin by going at their heart. You have to send drones to the agents, Free Speech; you need a systematic army of drones to take out those Manwin-fueled elements.

“It’s crazy,” said Black.

“We could sit here right no and eliminate Manwin but nobody will do it. Nobody wants to attack Manwin because it affects everyone’s money- you talk out the one side of your mouth by complaining about them, but you ignore the other side. Attack Manwin with Free Speech and the agents and that will fuck up their little scam.

“When you’re going at tube sites, it’s all smoke and mirrors. A guy with a DRM Message from tube sites from Yemen is more important than the Free Speech and LATATA who got all the industry people to donate time and product, and, at the end, they whacked off that money.

“That hasn’t been reported by Mike South or anybody in the business. Mike South never reported on that once. Why is that? Because Mike South is in bed with agents and LA Direct.

“Why is Mike South not talking about the scam bowling event that put money in Free Speech and the agents pockets? Why does he not mention that talent testing fuck up until we brought it up?

“Why did you not report the talent testing facility fucked up? No one wants to talk about that because ‘we take care of ourselves pretty good,’ said South.

“We took care of ourselves by getting Syphilis? How did everybody do good when the law states we have to wear condoms? Why did you not report this fuck up as proof we need one testing facility [controlled by the state]?

“I’m lost on that. I’ve been arguing for one governing body- this is proof positive that our business can not get it right and people like Mike South are disseminating lies.

“On the books it’s against the law to have sex on an adult production without condoms. But we don’t observe that. Instead, we swept it under the rug and that was it. Now someone else has syphilis.

“Mike South says we’re awesome and did the right thing. Doesn’t this show you that he’s an idiot?

“When Mike South talks about choice, he shows he’s an out of touch hillbilly retard who’s a lying cocksucker trying to play the game to keep his side deals going.

“Mike South, you’re a fucking delusional hillbilly pissed off that I’m right, outing you, and you can’t see straight. Mike South talks about condom optional. Condom optional? You want someone to show up on an Evil Angel set saying I want a condom- ‘yeah, but the gimmick is this- I’m not going to hire you.’

“Optional means you don’t fucking work. Every girl that plays that gimmick will get her first job and never work again. Mike South, explain to me how your optional theory works. How does condom-optional work?

“How does that happen? Choice? What choice, Mike South? People that follow Mike South need to know he’s a fucking liar. The only option is mandatory condoms and with somebody enforcing it, we would not be going through this issue right now, and no one will enter that debate. We would not be talking syphilis right now if condoms were involved. Thank God for condoms. That’s what you would be hearing.”

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