The Day Director B. Skow Walked Out on Vivid; Steve Hirsch Must Be a Dumb Businessman Not to See that Coming Says Rob Black

Christy Canyon attacked Rob Black for being jealous of Steve Hirsch. Black on his Monday night show said maybe it was time for an intervention. And he wasn’t talking about himself.

Black suggested maybe it was Hirsch who ought to seek counseling. Black talked about a number of issues in which Hirsch doesn’t display 20/20 clarity.

Black also said if it weren’t for the Hal Freeman case, Canyon’s compadres would have succeeded in sending his father back to prison. Black talked about “rats” behind a federal indictment of his father in which 25 Feds busted down the living room door of the family’s home in Rochester.

“You had to have known back then, Christy? How could you go on your radio show or your blog and say I didn’t know anything that my boyfriend [Tommy Sinopoli] and his friends went and hired people to break up my dad’s office? You didn’t know anything about that?

“You were with them. You were with somebody who tried to ruin my life. I was a child for crissake. I was sitting in the yard and I remember going I can’t believe are they doing this? I can’t believe what Christy Canyon and her friends did. I was playing with my G.I. Joe toys, and you Christy Canyon shook the foundation I lived in.”

Going back to the story that he told earlier in the show about meeting Canyon at an IVD open house, Black said he played dumb not knowing her.

“I carried your fucking bags through the airport like a good suitcase pimp. I knew you were the cause of my heartache. But I still carried your bags and made sure no Hare Krishnas came up to you to sell you a fucking flower. I sat with you knowing that you helped almost ruin my mom’s life. And you go on and say these things and defend Steven?”

On one occasion, Hirsch extended an offer in which he wanted Black to buy his house.

“Steven, when I sat with you at a wrestling show, I was your friend.”

Black explained how director B. Skow [Michael Bisco] was still at Vivid. Black at the time was working for Exquisite/Exile.

“I was out one day getting props,” Black explained.

“This was about the time I was busting Jerry Estrada’s balls about wanting more money. I talked to Jerry and he said Michael Bisco’s here. Right away I’m going, I see how it is. Remember, Howard Levine [who used to work for Hirsch] is with Exquisite, too. Howard got fired from Pulse which is owned by Steven and instantly went over to Jerry. They started Exile Distribution.

“To the point where Howard was trying to get the sex tapes and Steven had to send him a cease & desist letter because one of the ladies was saying Howard was talking shit about Steven.

“It was hilarious. So Jerry’s going, yeah, Bisco’s over here. Yeah, he wants to do more parodies. Basically Jerry is telling me Bisco’s got money, he wants to own his own stuff. Basically Bisco told Jerry that Steven wouldn’t let him own his own product. ‘He won’t let me do what Axel’s doing.’ Bisco was making crazy money then he actually got Shylar Cobi over at Vivid fired.

“You got Bisco now at my company. But remember I’m on probation and I’m sucking everybody’s cock. Jerry’s talking about how Bisco wants to do She Hulk. Jerry’s going to me, maybe I’ll have you do something with Howard. I go that’s kind of competition and the way our business is going right now, dude, nobody can barely handle one good parody a month from us. I put out Birds of Prey then Howard puts out She Hulk? I’m like cool.”

Black noted that on a prior occasion when he had drama with Jerry Estrada he reached out to Marcie Hirsch. Black said Axel Braun immediately cockblocked a potential deal saying, ‘Vivid would never put his [Black’s] stuff out,’ but Braun said he’d put out Black’s product through Axel Braun Productions.

Black explained that his email to Marcie Hirsch was about Bisco coming over to Exquisite that it was opening some potential doors.

“How would you guys like to lock up the parody game and have the two biggest guys in the business?” Black wrote her.

“Marcie’s like, Michael, what?”

“Then Axel hits me. Of course Axel has to be the buffer to Marcie. Now they go into Steven about Bisco and Steven tells them, ‘Naaaah. I don’t believe it. That’s a lie.’

“Either Steven’s brain was clouded with bad judgment or something. Or he’s that dumb of a business man that he’s never seen Bisco unhappy. Never seen anything. Never heard any grumbling. I called them and said Bisco’s fishing around and they’re saying Rob is a liar? Bisco was sitting there with Jerry in the Exquisite office.

“Bisco and Howard Levine have history because Vivid fired Howard Levine. It’s not like I said Michael Bisco was sitting down with Stuart Wall or with Chris Alexander. I said he was sitting down with my boss who doesn’t like me anymore because I’m asking to get paid more than a welfare recipient.

“He’s sitting down with Howard Levine who you had to send a cease & desist letter to stop talking about you.”

Black added that when Canyon defends Steve Hirsch she needs to get on the same page and “know what we’re all talking about.”

“Steven Hirsch said I’m a liar. That’s from Marcie Hirch’s mouth and two month’s later what was the big news? Michael Bisco walked out of Vivid. And where did he go? Exile Entertainment.”

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