The Elegant Angel Story is Old News; Rob Black Predicts Nick Orlandino Will Be the Next to Bail

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For one thing, we know Slim Pickens spies on porn valley from a flying saucer, if the latest episode of Monica Foster’s smash porn cartoon series is to be believed. And, secondly, we know Pickens gets around to a story sooner or later. Like the Elegant Angel sale.

When Rob Black first began broadcasting he said the company was going to be sold, that Patrick Collins was in the middle of an ugly divorce settlement and that he had enough of porn. In fact, Black spun a lengthy story about his last visit to Elegant Angel where Collins was three sheets to the wind and in no mood for chit-chat.

“Patrick Collins, we told you that story three months ago,” said Black.

“That was when Patrick called me a whore and that he’s making music and a documentary. Are you all shocked today [by the ‘news’ on Pickens’ site]?

“We told you Pat was out of the game months ago and about all the comps they were putting out. Elegant Angel is a comp company. Hey talent, you think you’re going to get $10,000 for your first anal? Basically Elegant Angel is a fire sale company. There’s no heart beat, No Patrick Collins. No nothing. Did the experiment with Tony Ribas and Asa Akira work? You can’t have a company run by the art box guy. ‘That’s it I’m done,’ Patrick said.

“I’m pretty sure he has hepatitis,” Black added.

“The writing was on the wall. Patrick’s not stupid, he bailed. Nick Orlandino’s going to do it. Who’s left, New Sensations? I’m pretty sure Scott Taylor’s going to go to a condom policy. I surmise most of the companies in the next week are going to go condom.

“Most of the companies that still want to survive are going to comply. We’re all going to work together, and we’ll be part of the UAWA. It’s already happening. It’s done. This is real.

“Business is coming apart at the seams,” Black noted. There were a lot of industries that had to take a step back and say what we did in the past is not working now. So we either change with the times or die. The industry has been fighting change and we’re up against a brick wall.”


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