The Fans Have Spoken: Heather Deep Is “Young, Cute, Beautiful, Sexy, Pretty And Gorgeous!” Eat Your Hearts Out Gay Mafia!

Heather Deep has been crapped on over the last year by internet cowards but they always seem to be homosexuals, worn out old fan bois or Gay Mafia members. Outside of these miserable creatures, she’s killing it and the fans are loving her.


One asshole that attacked Heather and said derogatory things about her complexion is Christian Michael Wians porn name ChristianXXX. If you have seen what this freak fucks for money these days (Old white men wearing wigs and with big fake balloon tits, Thai teenage boys, you get the idea), you will shake your head at what he said about Heather. I mean, Heather is CERTAINLY much better looking than her Thai male counterparts and Christian fucks them. There is no way he wouldn’t LOVE to roll in the hay with Heather. Problem for him is that she doesn’t fuck homosexuals.


And then we have failed cam hooker Monica Foster calling Heather a monkey and ugly. The problem with this is that Heather has been more successful in the past year on web cam than Monica has been in the last 5 years. Let’s just let the paying customers decide. They have decided. Heather is younger and nicer than the old black witch whose boobs and face are now drooping while her waistline grows. Monica is forced to either lie about her age or go into the “MILF” category and being in that category when you’re not a mom and never will be a mom and are in fact, barren, is just sad.


And then of course we have the forum fan bois. These are “men” that haven’t been laid in 10 years and some are wasting away from things like ass cancer. We don’t think they should comment on women’s looks when they can no longer get an erection and when their testosterone levels are dangerously low.


We leave you with comments about Heather from Instagram. Eat your hearts out fags and fag hags.


  • axlebud11 You are young and cute Heather
  • terrychlds You will always be beautiful @heather___deep
  • mari_man2002yahoocom Ur beautiful and sexy now
  • titoman711 Gorgeus
  • thomcat63 I think you’re pretty





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