The Fred Phelps Legacy Is Alive And Well On Mike South’s Hate Blog

Still haven’t heard back from Alec Helmy regarding co-hosting the 2015 XBIZ Awards. I’m a little hurt by that. I figured that after my pitch we posted yesterday my phone would be blowing up with Helmy begging to have the Rob Black Magic grace his crummy show with its enigmatic presence and save it from the sour milk stench of mainstream failure James Deen, who is way past his due date. But alas, no call, no email. A big fat fuck you. Oh well…

There’s nothing else really going on in the porn world at the moment other than porn girls like Casey Calvert writing about their wonderful parents and bitching about rubbers in Huffington Post so I figured we’d talk about everybody’s favorite lying hypocrite hillbilly Elliot Rodger wannabe Mike South.

When South isn’t making shit up about rattlesnake bites HIV spreading tweeters or HIV positive suicide victims his site really is devoid of any original content other than fishing trips. He mostly cuts and pastes articles and emails, often claiming that they were sent to him by anonymous readers. One of his recent posts was from someone who South claimed was a company owner, a man by the name of Michael Payne. It was a long, rambling, lunatic rant, similar to ones I get in my email from people claiming to have knowledge of HIV spreading fags and Jewish mafia conspiracies. These emails usually go right into the recycle bin after I have a good chuckle. But Mike South thought that Michael Payne was important enough and his homophobic paranoid thoughts were interesting enough to warrant placement on his site.

This Michael Payne wrote an article that talked about how gay people were scum and they have an agenda and they are all full of AIDS and are on the planet trying to give people AIDS. It’s this long blog post that Mike South puts up and says, “I don’t necessarily agree with everything in here, but I felt I should post it because it’s interesting and a lot of people feel this way.” I’m thinking to myself, “Who’s a lot of people? People in Georgia? People who Mike South hangs out with? A bunch of bigoted hooker chasing Ku Klux Klanners? Mike South himself? Who feels this way?”

At what point did this Michael Payne become so important and influential in our business that he was able to have a forum to post a rambling redneck missive? This just shows you what kind of a guy Mike South is. He can’t get anybody to go to his site, so he puts up something just to create controversy because no one cares what he has to say because it’s all bullshit. He puts up a Hitlerian rant from a nobody and then sits back and tells everybody to debate it. It’s a clever way to put up something that he feels in his heart without claiming the thoughts as his own.

Who is Michael Payne? He’s a guy who worked for Fifth Element, which was a part of Anarchy Films that was owned by Ari Ovadia, a shady Israeli who used to work for David Sturman until he was fired for robbing from him. Fifth Element was in business for a whole year. Michael Payne hasn’t done a movie since 2007.

This from an old bio:

“I’m Russian/Armenian. been working in the porn industry for three years now. I started in Europe, then moved here and started my own production company: Seven Silver Keys Productions. I distribute through Anarchy Films.”

“The title of my current series, is Stripped, Spread, Stretched, which will be distribute through Anarchy Films/Fifth Element. Vol. 1 will be released on may 29, and Vol. 2 on June 19.”

“The companies I was working with back in Amsterdam, were including, but not limited to: Magma Erotic, KLBR Productions, Extreme Sex Channels, etc.”

“The title of my graphic novel is The Nether World. it’s a fictional story, a cross between the book of Revelation and George Orwell’s 1984; and includes two books: Book One: The Aeon of Hours. Book Two: The Ordeal of Blood.”

“I’m from Armenia, which was a part of the USSR. I grew up under harsh [communist] conditions. Now I am 33. When I was at university [studying English Literature], I was part of a revolutionary movement against the government. Around 1990, I got arrested and I spent nine months in KGB prison. I was tortured badly. I was released in 1991 after the fall of communism. I stayed in Armenia until 1994. Then things got bad. The economy collapsed. There weren’t enough jobs. Lots of people left, including myself.”

“I went over to Europe. Romania. Then I went to Western Europe. I ended up in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, where I started my work in the porn industry.”

When asked where he gets his production company name from, he says:

“I have a deep interest in the ancient history, mythology, and symbolism. the Norsemen (the peoples of medieval Scandinavia) believed that every man is in a constant war against himself, and the world around him; in order for him to win, he must evolve, and dare to open his heart to his dreams, and to do that, he needs to obtain seven silver keys. he must travel to Niflheim, which is hell in Norse mythology, and go through the layers of Niflheim, and obtain the silver keys from there. it’s a fascinating belief. you know, while studying the ancient mythology, one thing which always interests me, is the similarity of some certain elements throughout the various belief systems and cultures in the ancient world. case in point, is the number seven, and how this number has became both holy and profane throughout the history: in the old testament, god creates the universe in seven days( Genesis 2, 1), Moses orders his people to work on their farms for six years, and on the seventh year, take a break, and worship god (Exodus 23, 10-11). in the book of Revelation, there are seven angels, who invade the sin infected earth with Seven Plagues (Revelations 15, 1), and last but not least, the whore of Babylon, is a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that is covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. (Revelations 17, 3-4). look throughout different ancient mythologies in different parts of the world, and you will see how the same elements keep on repeating.”

Is this not the craziest nut job lunatic in the entire world? That’s who Mike South is promoting on his site. This is the guy Mike South says is a player in the adult business. I get nut jobs like this emailing me on a daily basis and I delete the emails. But Mike South puts their lunacy on his blog. Are you gonna tell me Mike South isn’t desperate for people to go to his site besides the flunkies who post on his message board under fake names?

He’s not even American. He’s some wack job Russian who says he was tortured by the KGB. Is he still in the country? Can we deport this motherfucker? A non-factor who hasn’t done anything in the business since 2007 is who Mike South says is an important company owner and gives a platform to.

This is how Michael Payne describes himself:

“I’m a whore and a smut peddler too. but I don’t feel guilty about it, I don’t measure myself or anybody by the standards set by society and my ancestors. I live by my own rules; and when I say porn is the modern face of prostitution, I tend to tell it like it is, I don’t tend to attack porn or disrespect people who are involved in porn. if you choose something as your profession, be honest about it. you don’t need to explain or justify yourself to society.”

“As matrimonial commitments lose their effectiveness, traditional family and moral values collapse, and more people slip into depression and solitude , demand for porn increases. porn is the opium of the masses, the scapeway from the train wreck we call modern life; porn is the affordable, risk free, instant gratification. because of these, and many more attributes, demand, and hence production of porn is drastically increasing. however, the method of delivering the product is evolving fast. in a few years, DVD market will become obsolete, replaced by online streaming and other direct, more affordable, and more convenient methods of delivery.”

This is who Mike South gives a voice to on his site. Listen, I’m not for censoring peoples’ opinions, but you need to have some credentials, some standing in the community before you let them spew their bullshit. I mean, as much as Republicans and Tea Partiers don’t like Obama, when Cliven Bundy started with the racist statements, they tried to dissociate themselves from him. They disavowed him. You don’t just trot out a guy who shares your views if you don’t know their credentials or where they’re coming from.

I’d love to know where Michael Payne is relevant enough to have a voice on Mike South’s site. Free Speech is beautiful, but you shouldn’t have a platform just to spout off hate. It’s the responsibility of every news agency or blogger to practice restraint before you give somebody a soapbox. Why don’t you just have the Westboro Baptist Church God Hates Fags assholes write for Actually, they have more credibility as an organization that is funded by similar nut jobs. Michael Payne is just some lone wolf wackadoo who believes in demons and spooky aliens. Mike South says he is a legitimate member of the adult industry and lets him write an I hate fags article.

Mike South, you don’t have a single person with a name or any credibility who agrees with anything you say. Only anonymous assholes agree with you. I’m still waiting for your best friend Kayden Kross to write her article about people who kill animals for sexual gratification. I’m still waiting for Kayden Kross to come out and say, “I love Mike South. He’s my best friend.” I’d love to see one reputable person go on record as your friend. Give me one respectable person in the industry that will talk with you on your site. Michael Payne? The God Hates Fags alien guy? The big shot company owner?

If this was a legitimate person in the industry, I could see putting this post up. If it were a performer everybody knows. When Jessa Rhodes tweeted about shooting everybody with HIV, that’s a legitimate story. Jessa Rhodes is somebody who has a name in the business who posted an opinion that was controversial and could be debated. If this post was from Steve Orenstein, Axel Braun, David Lord, Phil Harvey, someone who is an accomplished person in the business, I could understand putting it up.

But the fact that Michael Payne is a wack job lunatic foreigner who believes in aliens and Babylon whores and that’s his credentials and Mike South gets a little chubby letting him post a blog on his site and telling everybody to debate it so his site gets some traffic just shows what a lowly piece of shit South is.

But what do you expect from a guy who picks up street hookers to be in his movies? Mike South trolls prostitution thoroughfares for diseased tramps to work with his untested hillbilly buddies who are no more than johns, except for the one who is a Georgia OSHA restroom inspector.

When you let loose cannon irrelevant lunatics post I hate fags articles on your site, you prove yourself to be everything I’ve said you are: a dangerous, jealous, loser asshole who damages this industry every time you sit behind your keyboard.

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