The Free Speech Coalition Left Stacie Halas Dangling in the Wind; They’ll Do the Same to You; You’re Expendable and Here’s Why

I’m reading tons of tweets in which porn performers in one form or another are calling LA voters “ignorant” for passing Measure B. I know Annika Albrite was one of them.

It’s not that voters are ignorant, Annika, it’s just that they don’t like the idea of porn people living in the same neighborhood as them.

You only have to read the latest exploits of the Zumba prostie to know that porn performers are painted in the same broad brush strokes.

Porn performers, existentially, live in a community bubble financed by the belief that their “fans” love them and that the world at large supports what they do. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

If a performer’s fans loved her so much, there’d be no free porn. And if the world community supports what they do, there’d have been no Measure B to begin with.

Another thing performers aren’t being told is that they’re expendable. No one’s going to foot the bill to fly some babe to Florida or even Las Vegas, for that matter, when local talent can be easily cultivated. Old time Hollywood used to have this expression, “Next Year’s Blonde.” That was studio talk for you’re easily replaced, Miss Monroe.

[Maybe now’s the time to get that union established.]

In an article in today’s LA Times, Hungary was also brought up as a possibility for relocating the industry. Don’t bother to update your passports, though, Ludmilla in Budapest has already applied for the job.

Aside from the fact that it’s illegal to shoot in Las Vegas and Florida, the Federal government will now come after you with RICO confiscation. Wanna leave Cali? Basically, you’ll be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. But no one’s telling you this, either.

Now take the case of Stacie Halas [pictured] a former performer kicked out of teaching. You didn’t see the Free Speech Coalition lending her any support in her recent hearings, just as the FSC ignored the pleas of the late Elyse Metcalf who ran a bookstore in Cincinnati years ago which the town fathers were trying to close down for what they considered objectionable material.

I know all this because I babysat Metcalf through those troubling times.

Metcalf went to the FSC and was told her case “wasn’t high profile enough.” That’s exactly what Free Speech told her. It took someone like VCA Pictures’ Russ Hampshire to step in and give her money so she could mount a defense. But the stress finally killed Metcalf.

Think Diane Duke would have reached into her own pocket? Unless it benefits them, Free Speech never pays for squat even though they formed the organization on that premise.

As the sun rises in the east, my hunch is Free Speech’s next move is to approach performers about kicking in for legal expenses to fight Measure B. So you can expect that all the Alia Janines and Kylie Irelands who’ve become Twitter heads in support of “No” will now be asked to donate proceeds from their dancing engagements and whatever else they do that earns them money in the name of porn.

The real question, is, when that time arrives, will performers put their money where their mouths are? And if they don’t, it doesn’ matter.

Like they used to say in Hollywood….

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