The FSC Elections Are a Facade?

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Friday night Alia Janine [pictured] sends me the following email:

Earlier today I had emailed Diane about the voting ballot for the new candidates for the FSC. As I had told Diane, I had called to join last Friday the 21st. When I had called I had specifically told the woman on the phone that I was joining so I could vote for the new candidates. She took my card information and told me that the ballots would be sent out soon. On the 27th I had left a DM on Twitter asking about the ballot, I emailed Joanne, but she is out of the office, and then I finally called. The same woman answered the phone and ALMOST said she was going to send me a ballot until I told her my name, then all of a sudden, she didn’t know and that she would have Diane contact me tomorrow (today).

Diane never contacted me about the ballot. I received an email asking me to fill out a survey for the AHPSS, so I responded to that. I had asked Diane where my ballot was. She responded by saying that I had missed the cut off date to join and vote, that the last day was December 11th. Now I would like Diane to explain to me how the last day to sign up and vote for the new board members was December 11th when the actual candidates were not announced until December 20th? Heck, I didn’t receive the FSC X-Press newsletter until the 22nd telling me who the candidates were. The ONLY cut off mentioned for the December 11th date, was to be nominated for a seat on the actual board.

What I will need is a link to where it states that the cut off date to become a member to vote is December 11th? I would also like to know why the cut of date to sign up and vote would be the 11th if the actual candidates were not announced until the 20th?

I Bcc’d 3 of the industry’s biggest bloggers and my lawyer. We will all patiently wait for your response.

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