The future for Monica Foster

Monica Foster

People don’t understand what’s truly going on with this lawsuit against Foster, even Foster herself. Yes she’s now in over $167,000 in debt and we all know that she won’t be able to pay it off, she knows this also. The case against her continues and at the trial, Foster will lose what’s dear to her, her websites and that she’ll be forever ruined. This may not sound like a big deal to some of her victims, but this is only the beginning.

Notice in the complaint against Foster, it states that she has an unhealthy obsession.

To make this blog short as possible, let’s break it down. Foster has submitted some really insane shit to the court, which includes her pleading in which she accuses Marc Randazza of trying to extort her and sex traffic her back into porn.

After the court awarded Jennifer Randazza (the real victim in this case and who Desi Foxx continues to ignore how Foster defamed her) the Summary Judgment, Foster tweeted that the attorneys in the Randazza legal firm are all pedophiles.

The Randazza legal law firm has been getting depositions from victims of Foster’s and others who have witnessed her insanity. We all know that Fister isn’t going to stop her shit and it’s mostly because of the attention that she loves to get from losers who have no value and no importance in life and society like Barry Nelson, Desi Foxx, Sunset Thomas, and others. All of this will be had for when Foster gets criminal charges pressed on her!

That’s right, folks! Foster has proven and continues to prove that she has no respect for court orders. What happens when a person willingly and knowingly violated civil court orders? It becomes criminal.

Monica Foster is an idiot who has no credibility and no power. Even if she could afford legal help, an attorney would tell her that she need to stop! Foster is desperate for love and attention and she’s going to get plenty of it in the near future when she’s in criminal court trying to defend herself for how she attacked people.

Can you imagine how difficult it’ll be for the Public Defender to try and get Foster a lesser sentence?

Foster doesn’t believe that this will happen to her, but she also believed that she could get the lawsuit stricken and she failed at that twice!

Yeah Foster, you truly are winning with Jesus Christ aren’t you???!!! LMAO


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