The Grand Vizier Addresses Dave Cummings on the Subject of Cream Pies

The Grand Vizier writes: Dear Dave Cummings, back in 2004, you said the following regarding cream pies, and I paraphrase: “Because anal cream pies seem so HIV risky, perhaps they should no longer be made or distributed in America (or elsewhere). Enforcement would probably require some type of leak proof industry wide self regulation with distributors/stores refusing to accept such releases.”

It’s now obvious that the industry is unable to police itself on these
matters, to argue otherwise is just plain ludicrous.

So Dave, what do you think of AVN giving an award for Best Internal Ejaculation Movie? So much for that self regulation of the industry. Will
you or any other industry spokespeople stand up and boycott AVN for their
irresponsible behavior, and the irresponsible behavior of those who continue to make these movies, i.e., Jules Jordan, Devils Films, and others?

Especially now in light of Measure B, how can AVN reward such counter productive behavior? Dave, will you speak out against this as you did in 2004? Does anyone not think that the AHF will use this against the industry in some way, shape or form in the future?

Has this industry learned nothing? That’s a rhetorical question, we all
know the answer is no.

PS. Self regulation means no regulation.

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