The Grand Vizier Repeats: Hustler is Not Going to AEE

The Grand Vizier just emailed me: “Hustler is not going to the AVN show.
That’s coming from the office.

“Now a bunch of people from Hustler going to hang out is not having a booth.

“When you do not plunk down the money and do what you did in the past you aren’t going.

“When your name is not in the program as booth number 1436. You’re not
attending the show.

“If there’s no 100 foot banner of Flint advertising his appearance and
having Hustler flyers, bags and other paraphernalia all over the show, they’re not going.

“Hustler doesn’t even sell their own DVDs. They went with Pulse like 50 other companies. They don’t do there own sales anymore.

“Why you even pay attention to a bunch of pig handlers from Hicksville is beyond me”

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