The Grand Vizier Returns: Who is NY Joe He Asks; Rebecca Bardoux Had a Stacie Halas Incident

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It’s been close to a year since I last spoke to the Grand Vizier. But, like a typical Aquarius, he’s around, then disappears and picks up the conversation months later like nothing happened in between.

Today the Vizier called because he had seen the story about Rebecca Bardoux’s co-host “NY Joe” LaBarbera taking shots at the LA voters calling them 10 year-olds for passing “Yes” on Measure B.

“This guy’s not even in the business,” says The Vizier. “NY Joe works for Waldbaums which is a supermarket chain in New York, so what his creds are to be commenting about industry politics is a little beyond me. Sounds to me like just another fan worming his way into the party.”

The Vizier also gave me a heads up about comments Kiki D’Aire made on her radio show a couple of weeks back.

D’Aire, like Bardoux, airs her show on So I went to the archives and found something interesting. D’Aire, who had been dating someone recently and had a messy break up that dragged another porn star into it, said on the air that she was married. A marriage of convenience from what you can gather.

“It’s more of a friendship than anything else,” D’Aire explains.

“We have a completely open relationship. I don’t want to get too deep into the details on the air. But our situation is extremely unique and everyone I get involved with has to understand that unless things get unbelievably serious, my situation isn’t going to change. Most of the time my husband isn’t an issue because he’s never around. It’s not a very fun pill for men to swallow.”

D’Aire, who’s back in the business, was asked how her time away from it went.

“Once you reach a certain level of notoriety in this business, you can forget ever working in corporate America,” she states.

“Or even in retail shops, what have you. Because all it takes is one person to recognize you, open their big fat mouth and the next thing you know they’re fired. That happened to another host- Rebecca Bardoux- she’s on Fridays. She had an incident where she was fired from a job because someone recognized her.”

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