The Hulkster Has the Strip Club Blues

from www.nationalledger,com – Wrestler Hulk Hogan has revealed that he came “damn close” to killing himself when his marriage ended. The tough-guy reality TV star admitted that in 2007 he took the powerful prescription drug Xanax and picked up a gun, after wife Linda filed for divorce and son Nick went to jail on reckless-driving charges.

In an excerpt from his book My Life Outside The Ring, Hogan wrote: “There were times when I thought that a whole bottle of pills would go down easy.

Then I noticed the gun in my hand… I kept my finger pressed right to that trigger… and if I moved that finger an inch in the right direction… I would have blown my brains out.”

Hogan revealed that he hit an all-time low after “going to a strip club, drinking, getting all that attention from girls” and coming back to an empty home.

But he mainly blames Linda, his wife of 23 years, who he claims is an alcoholic who was abusive to their children.

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