The Industry Is a Walking Sex Bomb Waiting to Explode

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Diane Duke can talk all she wants about successfully eradicating STD rates, but the fact of the matter is the porn industry is one out of control sex orgy after hours.

Robert Black this week pointed out what no one, including Duke, cares to talk about.

“We have agents that send girls on hooker parties,” Black revealed.

Those guys they’re with aren’t tested. Then these same girls work with HIV John Stagliano; then they go overseas to Dubai to sleep with the prince and hand half of their 20K to their pimps.

“Nobody knows that the girl was out of the country. By the very least no one calls Diane Duke to tell her the girls are going out of the country.

“So if I go to another country, Japan to do research on Godzilla, even then I might have to get shots and stuff. Why isn’t it that agents don’t have to inform APHSS when girls are going in and out of this country? How about when guys go to Brazil, the place where John Stagliano and Darren James contracted HIV from.

“I’ll bet my bottom dollar not one person at Evil Angel has ever reported to APHSS their traveling arrangements and talent their working with. Think about the logic we’re dealing with in our business.

“We have the most retarded women speaking for us [Duke] and Jessica Drake is doing PSAs with hookers at a car wash. You guys are fucking geniuses.”

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