The Legal Hammer’s Coming Down on Frank Koretsky; Was Larry Flynt Paid Hush Money?

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On Wednesday afternoon Rob Black talked some more about the United Adult Workers of America noting that the organization’s legal team is set in place to “bring the pain to everyone who’s breaking the law.”

Gathering from what Black is saying, porn kingpin Frank Koretsky will be the first to get a taste.

“Frank Koretsky, the attorney generals of Porn America have been building a case against you,” Black announced.

Comparing himself to a flamboyant gay man, Black said he got all excited and tingly when he caught a glimpse of an indictment that is going to be handed down against the Koretskys. I’ve seen an indictment of mammoth proportions. I can only wish to be a fly on a wall for it,” continued Black.

“It’s like one of those 175-page indictments against a pharmaceutical company. It’s quite a site. It is just so… unfathomable to tell you what it is when I look at it. I can only compare it to Paula Deen in the sense the way these attorney generals, the way they work this stuff and the way they looked at the Koretsky organization – when you watch them and they go back and forth where they bring up point after point, it involves deals, corporations, business aspects- the deposition process in this is pretty awesome.

“When you’re part of this type of litigation, it’s almost comical to watch them. We’ve been under the impression, we thought people in this business had our backs and were smart enough to do something legal and proper.”

Apparently not.

“Anything a lawyer can pay to have access to, they have,” continued Black.

“Think of the lawsuit Frank Koretsky has from sexual harassment. Evil Angel had a huge sex harassment case where they threw Chris Norman under the bus- I read that deposition- oh my God.

“They look up lawyers to see who’s got legal actions pending against them. These are the guys you see on the law shows who get paid to bend you over, fuck you in the asshole until you can’t breathe anymore. And when they’re done they tell you, you owe them a million dollars.”

Black said what’s funny in the process is the fact that Koretsky’s people are now turning on him.

“We made this video about Frank Koretsky and put it on YouTube,” Black explained.

“Koretsky had it pulled down. We laughed about it. The other night someone called me that his own people put the video back up. It’s one of his own loyal employees. It’s Adam Hasner who put it back up, and if you look at the new press release out, and the controversy with the stupid E.T. movie the Dreamzone executive is Adam Hasner but his name isn’t mentioned.

“Adam Hasner is out there putting up videos about Frank Koretsky. He put that video back up and it went up a month ago. Now they don’t use Hasner’s name in a press release. Did he decide to quit, or did Koretsky fire him because Frank knows that Adam has pending litigation with the company and Debi Hargrave?

“I’m thinking Koretsky must have fired Hasner. Any true scoundrel gangster starts severing ties with people who can sink them.”

In another instance, said Black, Hasner put someone’s head through a table at a club and bashed his head open.

“Frank let one of Larry Flynt’s employees get assaulted at a club. Then there were these terroristic threats when Hasner threatened to kill Hargrave and she went to the human resources department.

“Hasner is a big Italian gangster, a tough guy. We figured after he put up the video, Koretsky must have said that’s it, we cut ties with you.”

Black said Koretsky couldn’t get away with hanging Hasner in a meat locker with the Layla theme playing.

“But the attorneys- they would like to ask all these questions. They want to know that if you have an employee there on record for threatening the lives of employees, and he’s on record for assaulting a Hustler employee, how could that person be in charge of Tom Byron Pictures?

“Tom Byron was fucked over, thrown out, stolen from. The lawyers want to know why you would continue to employ somebody and put them in the position where they ran a company Tom Byron owned, and you guys let Adam Hasner who threatened the lives of your employees, to run with reckless abandon and threaten the life of Tom Byron.

“The lawyers want to know how you and your poor, poor brother Michael- how could you guys let one of your employees do that? That’s one question they want to know. How does this Hustler guy not do anything? Is it because Frank Koretsky is the monopoly of distribution, and if you try to retaliate, they will not take the Hustler product and you won’t be able to sell the product where you can pay Axel Braun, Drew Rosenfeld and everybody else?”

Was there hush money paid, Black wanted to know.

“We can’t figure out how any employee of a company could take the representative of Hustler lingerie and smash his face into a glass table at a nite club. We can’t figure that out.

“How could they let someone who threatened to kill Debi Hargrave run a company and have the same guy threaten Tom Byron with terroristic threats? That’s the million dollar question. We’re trying to figure that out. I’m sure attorneys Robert Starr and Marc Leggett will figure that out in depositions.

“Mike Koretsky got mad because Tom Byron wouldn’t let him fuck Sunny Lane at the IVD Open House. My cock-ooooh. My arm hurts from hitting myself in my knee laughing my ass off.

“Frank, when you and me sat there in Arizona and made these deals- when you guys completed the deal, we all went our separate ways. I went to prison and you guys worked your magic. History will show that in every production, Tom Byron did everything he was supposed to do.

“Sales will show it. Awards will show it. Everything that Tom Byron was supposed to do he did. Ten times full. The other companies- Outlaw Productions, Dreamzone, Simon Wolf- the list goes on of the garbage companies that Koretsky’s buddies are in charge of.

“Not one of those companies did what Tom Byron Pictures did and continues to do. As of today Frank Koretsky, IVD, Pleasure Productions, and all points in between use all the photography of Tom Byron Pictures for its imagery.

“It’s all directly derived from Tom Byron Pictures. Byron was forced out by proven gangsters and assaulters, so the question is why was he forced out and not there and why does the company continue to capitalize on the name and fool fans into believing it’s Tom Byron with fake Twitter accounts? They perpetuate a charade and a lie. All of these questions are going to be answered.

“Just like the Stagliano second and third lawsuits that are coming, it will all have to be answered.”

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