The Manwin/.XXX Domains Deal

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from – XXX domain name registry ICM Registry and adult site operator Manwin have settled their legal battle, the companies announced today.

As part of the deal, ICM will offer significantly discounted .xxx domain registrations in May and will offer similar promotions in the future.

The wholesale cost for .xxx domains will be $7.85 in May, the same price as .com. Registrars will be able to mark the price up, but you should be able to register the domains for under $10. The regular wholesale price is $62.00

ICM will also start paying $2.00 per registration to a fund designated by Manwin that supports the adult entertainment industry.

This is in addition to the amount ICM gives to non-profit IFFOR for each registration. With the discounted pricing, IFFOR stands to receive a lot less money. It previously received about $10 per registration, or 15% of the wholesale cost. With wholesale prices of $7.85 it will receive a little over $1 per registration during the promotional pricing periods.

Manwin had forbidden sites using .xxx domains from participating in its affiliate programs and showing up on its sites. It is dropping that ban.

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