The Memorial Weekend Sobriety Checkpoint Special: Mary Carey Visits The Levar Evans Show

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“Don’t date losers that’ll clean out your bank account,” is Mary Carey’s advice to the modern porn star.

The thing about Carey is, if you’ve got a half hour show, she talks fast enough to cram 60 minutes worth of material into it.

Carey was guest on The Levar Evans Show featured Thursdays on Blog Talk Radio out of Chicago. “If you have not heard of her you’ve been under a rock for the last 12 years,” said Evans who promised to keep her abreast of the LA Kings hockey game.

Carey loves basketball, baseball and hockey probably in that order. “The Lakers are my all time favorites, and I’m a Miami Heat fan since I live in south Florida. “I love going to Heat games, and they have the hottest dancers, too,” she said.

Carey is a graduate of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Sober House and Celebrity Rehab which has since been shut down due to five celebrity deaths including actor Jeff Conaway who was a friend of Carey’s. Carey is asked how she’s doing, personally.

“I’m doing great,” she says.

“When I went to Celebrity Rehab they made it look like I was there for alcohol. I was definitely drinking when people were seeing me on TMZ and stuff.”

Carey said as a transplant to Los Angeles she got in with a fast moving crowd and was out partying several times a week.

“If you’re leaving a niteclub, generally you’re going to be a little drunk,” she said.

“But it wasn’t like I was out every night of the week getting drunk. The only times TMZ showed me was when I was drunk.”

Carey said that was the only time TMZ cared about her is when she was wasted. Carey explained that she had trouble sleeping at night so she started taking high doses of Xanax. Then she added how she’d go out and knock off bottles of Vodka and throw back “tons of” Jager shots.

“I was drinking a little bit crazy, but I don’t drink liquor any more. I drink wine, and I don’t go out to clubs like I used to. I also think that I grew up. I’m 32 now.”

But Carey’s also of the opinion the shows helped her in many ways because she had psychological issues as well. And it helped her figure out who she was.

On Sober House she said psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy was very honest with her.

“I’d go over his house, and I’ve been seeing him since the show. I call him 3 in the morning crying drunk over problems. He’s one of the top psychiatrists in the country. He’s just one of the best doctors. He’s amazing and I’m so grateful to these shows for that. I don’t know where I’d be without Dr. Sophy.”

Asked if she still keeps in touch with anyone from the shows, Carey said her and Chyna had been doing a dual feature act at strip clubs last year.

“Jaimee Foxworth and I we’re very close and hanging out. Jeff Conaway and I were probably the closest. I had been very good friends with his girlfriend Vikki. I was very sad when he died. I went to his funeral. Nikki McKibbin from Sober House, her and I text occasionally. She lives in Texas.”

Carey said she often travels to Dallas, and one time she was on lay over. McKibbin and Carey hung out.

Carey said she last ran into Dr. Drew at LAX.

In her instance, Carey said she had a lot of emotional support because her problems were being aired on TV.

“At the same time it would be annoying. I’d go out and have a drink and some people are going you’re not supposed to be having a drink, we’re going to tell Dr. Drew. That got a little bit annoying at times.”

Carey also noted how expensive rehab can be.

“It’s hard for people to get help. For myself, I knew I needed help for Xanax and stop partying like a crazy person.

“It is expensive. You’re taking time away from work. My going to rehab meant spending $30,000 to $40,000 a month and not making money that month. But they paid and I got to go so that helped me solve both my problems and I’m getting Dr. Drew.

“The biggest thing is being assigned to AA meetings in your area and you’re going to two or three meetings a day.

“And you find a sponsor. It’s like free rehab. They go over the steps with you. They’ll be there to help you. And at AA meetings you meet a lot of great people who’ll be very supportive. AA people are very nice people.”

It was noted that Carey was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

“First year eligible,” Carey notes. “Me and Jesse Jane were. The year Jesse Jane, myself and Stormy Daniels were nominated for Best New Starlet, Stormy Daniels beat us. Then Stormy Daniels didn’t get Hall of Fame, but Jesse Jane and I did. It was sweet revenge.”

“I was very honored actually, but in the time I did movies I made an impact which makes me very happy. Knowing that I’m in the Hall of Fame means that no matter what I left my mark where some people come and go, and I’m very honored. But I’m still waiting for my trophy. I really want my trophy for that. I want that already, ohmygosh.”

“They need to make this more like the baseball Hall of Fame or something.”

Carey was saying that performers should get rings instead of trophies.

Even though she’s not technically in porn movies, Carey still makes frequent dancing appearances. Carey has done a couple of movies for Skinemax. One is called The Super Sex Experiment. Carey updates her website and said she was planning to do more leg fetish for her fans.

“I think my legs are my best feature. I watched this thing on Bettie Page and I thought maybe I’ll do things with stockings and leg and foot fetish stuff since I always get compliments on my legs. I’m 5’9” and have long legs and figure that would be a cool thing to start.”

Carey’s of the opinion that she puts on great dancing shows. “After each show people come talk to me and I sign stuff and take photos. I’m talkative.”

It was noted that Carey really broke the mold for adult stars going mainstream. Asked if she still follows the industry, Carey said she knows some of the girls from feature dancing but not the newer girls as much.

“I went to Exxxotica a year ago and hung out with the girls who’ve been around for awhile like Teagan Presley, Lisa Ann, Charmane Star.” Carey is asked if she has plans on attending the Chicago Exxxotica.

“Chicago is one of my favorite cities,” she states but seemed non-committal on whether she’ll attend.

Asked if there was something fans didn’t know about her, Carey replied, “I’m smarter than people might think.”

On that issue, Carey’s run for Governor of California was brought up. Carey said she would like to take another crack at office.

“Maybe I will one day. I’m bot sure.”

Evans notes that on Carey’s program some of the topics are very hot button these days including the legalization of gay marriage and porns for pistols marriage, which in light of the current debate about gun control, she seemed to be right on the money.

“These were things ahead of its time,” said Evans.

Carey’s thoughts on Washington gridlock and the current state of politics: “The country is way worse; I liked how the country was in 2005, 2006. I liked where we were financially- my condo was worth more. I don’t like how the country is in a lot of ways. I voted for Obama the first time, but I think Romney should have won.”

If she ever ran again, Carey said she’d start small and maybe take a run for something in South Florida.

“I think people in Florida would vote for me, but I think California people are weirder.”

Carey has shot some recent movies including a project called Saki Mom.

“I play a Nineties porn star and the Asian character is having sex with my character and his girlfriend gets upset with him having sex with the white girl. It was a fun movie and it has a message about discrimination and racism.”

Carey says, likewise, she’s experienced discrimination about her career choice.

Carey mentions that another film she did in 2002 titled Blunt Movie, is just coming out this year.

“I never heard anything about it; now it’s finally coming out. I don’t remember what I did except shoot in front of a green screen. It was really low budget we shot in Florida. We got big names like Dennis Rodman and Angie Everhart.”

Pat Morita who passed away in 2005 is also in the film.

Carey began her adult career in 2002 and was asked what her advice would be to her now.

“There were a couple of years where you didn’t want to go to the gym; get off your lazy ass and go,” she replied.

“You’re going to look at some of those movies where you’re 20 pounds overweight.” Carey says she appeared in the documentary After Porn Ends and sees herself during her fat years.

“Now I’m a gym addict and every day I do an hour on the treadmill. This Mary would tell the old one to go to the gym.”

Carey also recalls that when she ran for governor she had a rock star attitude and was disrespectful to many of the strip club owners and didn’t have to be nice.

“Club owners in every city think they’re the shit. They think they’re Number One. I was like that, too, I’m Mary Carey and I’m here. But you have to treat them like you’re a great club owner; I love your club. You have to do that. The young Mary didn’t get it and I didn’t treat feature dancing like a business. I’m lucky I’ve had a great feature career. But the new Mary has done much better.

“And don’t date losers that clean out your bank account.”

[Here was Carey’s gubernatorial platform in case you’re interested:

1. Legalize gay marriage in California. This will generate a tremendous amount of revenue for the state as a honeymoon destination.

2. Tax breast implants. From Beverly Hills alone, we should bring in millions in tax revenue. (Note: I am all-natural and I personally discourage the use of implants!)

3. Make lap dances a tax deductible business expense. This will help grease the wheels of business in California and stimulate our economy.

4. If I’m elected Governor, I will wire the Governor’s Mansion with live web cams in every room. We will create a pay site, and all money collected will go toward reducing the deficit. Californians will get to see their government in action – literally! (Also, we will have people from around the globe helping to pay off our debt, so it doesn’t all fall on the shoulders of Californians.)

5. I will create a “Porn for Pistols” program to take handguns off the streets. Dealing with the violence and injuries associated with handguns is a huge drain on our state’s resources.

6. As Governor, I will recruit fellow performers from the adult video industry as ambassadors of good will. These ambassadors will be a great help to California when it comes to such things as negotiating rates for buying electricity from neighboring states.

7. I will coordinate the state’s unemployment and jury systems, so that anyone who applies for unemployment will instantly be called for jury duty. This will save California state and local governments millions of dollars, because we won’t have to pay for jury duty. It will also relieve those with jobs from the stress of serving on lengthy juries.

8. I will fight the federal government’s attempts to harass the adult video industry. Adult video is an $11 billion industry that creates more than $23 million in taxes each year for the state of California. We can’t afford to lose this tax base!]

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