The Men of Action Over at AVN Won’t Act: Rob Black Will See Them Monday

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Rob Black Wednesday afternoon talked about the “men of action” over at AVN. I can tell you a story or two myself from recent experience, but will reserve that for the weekend as Black seems to be zeroing in for the kill on another subject.

Black this week extended the challenge to AVN to report on the John Stagliano story which seems to be getting the industry’s collective panties in a bunch.

Stagliano, according to Black, doesn’t make full disclosure to his talent that he has HIV when he hires them for his series Stretch Class which AVN has given an award to.

“You have a magazine like AVN that won’t report on this,” muttered Black.

“I don’t get it. Come right out and say we are corrupt. It’s bad enough that it’s shit, but Theo, a man of action and integrity, you’re going to let your awesome editorial staff not report on Stagliano? Ask him for comments. Do I have to do the investigative journalism for you? Theo, I don’t get it.”

Black brought up the time- how well I remember – when he invaded the AVN lobby to make a point. Black is threatening to do it again. He will.

“Peter Warren, when you and Steve Javors [pictured] were dreaming about porn, I was in the AVN office pretending we were having a fight as a publicity stunt. If I don’t see a story by Friday about Stagliano I’m going to do a remote broadcast at AVN.

“I’m going to get a megaphone, you cocksuckers. We’re going to camp outside the AVN building and do the show from the car. If I don’t see movement, a story, you are a motherfucking appeaser, if I don’t get a story next week when I have the three-hour show [Black is expanding his time slot] starting Monday.

“Push me appeasers. Monday comes, and I will have the first three hour show broadcasting from AVN. I will be on a megaphone. Basically Javors, all you guys need to go to Kernes, do the story and figure how you’re not going to hurt Stagliano because he’s your idol.

“Pete Rose is the greatest baseball player ever and the hall of fame don’t let him in. Idols fall. OJ Simpson was an idol. He was a fucking hero. He was the man. Guess what? Thirty years later he took this beautiful blond woman and gutted her like a pig. Robert Kardashian, another cocksucker, helped this murderer get away. Now OJ’s sitting in prison for 18 years. He was an idol, now he’s a piece of shit.

“AVN, your idol Stagliano- if this story does not matriculate by Monday I will camp outside your building. The world will hear you guys are punks and chicken shit.

“Theo, your partners need to know the dogshit that’s under you- Javors and Warren- they don’t have the fucking balls to do a story. This story is only going to get bigger when the civil lawsuit comes down in a week or two.

“Is that when you’ll report it? Is that it? All it takes is for somebody to report on it, one magazine to have some fucking balls and report on what I’be been saying which is all real shit. Talent, you need to demand answers.”

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