The Monica Foster Files #3: I don’t think I will be dating any more white men for a while…

Monica Foster

Either Foster blogged while she was drunk or her writing has improved past a 3rd grade level over the years.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Finally it’s a new month – welcome September of ’07. I have a feeling that this month will be great.
Friday night in celebration of getting all my monthly bills paid on time, my friend Erica and I met up, along with her current boyfriend and his friend, Ted, to go out.
First we hit up a local strip club in Fort Lauderdale – after about 2 Jack Daniels and Cokes, we left there to hit up the Hard Rock. Once at the hard rock we had SOOOOO much fun, unfrotunately Erica’s boyfriend and Ted didn’t realize that they couldn’t get into certain clubs due to the fact they were wearing “sneakers” (which is a stupid rule), but that was ok, because we hung out at Murphy’s and the center bar where once again I got to chill with my favorite bartender AJ.
At the center bar, a stupid fat mulatto girl got a little agressive with me in a conversation having to do with race. I think she really just wastrying to get with Ted (he was hot, but not my type), and she was afraid I was “preventing that from happening” when in reality the only thing holding her back was her fat self.
All in all, I had a really great time out on Friday.
One thing I realized though, is that african american males have to display a LOT of restraint in public – why? because I hate to say it but many white and non-black males really do try to agrevate confrontations with black guys to try to “prove themselves”. It’s sad. I noticed that Ted has to put up with a lot of that crap. The experience an African American woman has in our society is completely different from the experience of an african american man, but the one common factor that both sexes deal with in relation to white men is the theme of “conquest”.
Not all, but many, white men in america still have a fucking chip on their shoulder when it comes to african-americans. The males, they want to still try to dominate or lock up due to feelings of physical and sexual inferiority and the women they still want to sleep with to try to prove that they can “step up” to the ranks of the myth of “black sexuality”. Dumb, but true.
I think more people need to realize this.
I don’t think I will be dating any more white men for a while, well I take that back. I just won’t be dating any american white men.
Murphy’s Law Irish Pub, Hollywood, FL
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood

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