The Mr. Marcus Fallout: Nick East Says He Was Never on the We Are The World Shoot from Which Bill Margold Claims He Was Ejected

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Bill Margold and Nick East have taken opposing sides on the Mr. Marcus issue.

“There’s a very good chance that Marcus is a victim of his own misunderstanding,” Margold said this week. Whereas, East thinks Marcus knew full well what he was doing, and, in taking unnecessary risks, jeopardized the health and well being of porn’s talent pool.

Put it this way. If performers are out of work for any length of time, no one’s going to be throwing ticker tape parades in honor of Marcus.

But now Margold’s taken some japes at East, calling him a “pontificator, blowhard and a penny aspiring to be a half dollar.”

Inflation being what it is, East called giving me his two-cents worth.

Margold has alluded to an incident in which East was presumably given the bum’s rush from the We Are The World benefit shoot for Ron Sullivan. East says no such thing occurred.

According to East, he and Margold have been sparring since an occasion at Jim South’s office in which East stated he wasn’t going to have a girlfriend, again, who was in the industry. East and the late Kim Kitaine had been an item until she died in a tragic mishap from a seizure.

According to East, Margold after all was said and done called him an “asshole”.

“I looked him dead in the eye and said, ‘you know as well as I do in the rules of debate when you have to go to name-calling to make your point, you’ve lost the debate. Because you have nothing else to say.’”

East’s version of events was that he walked out if Jim South’s in triumph leaving Margold with a stunned look on his face. I imagine Margold would have different recollections.

“Since that day Margold and I have not been friends,” says East.

According to East, there was no rhubarb or any incident of the kind that would have prompted Margold, or someone acting on his behalf, to eject East from the We Are The World premises. Simply because East wasn’t there that day. Or so he says.

“But I am in that movie,” states East. A fact which would be hard to verify since that movie was never released.

East contends that he was in a pick-up scene at another location with two female performers that was shot by the late John Keeler.

Matter of fact that was the very last scene I ever shot in this business,” recalls East whose reasons for leaving porn was that it had turned “skanky”.

“But I was in the movie,” declares East.

“I loved Ron and his family forever and ever.”

East thinks Margold may be losing it because he wasn’t the performer in question, and if he doesn’t know who was.

“Why would I show up on a set that I wasn’t working? I’ve never done that. That’s like the biggest faux pas in the industry to show up on a set where you’re not working.

“I did it once 20 years ago and I regretted it then because Paul Thomas got so pissed off. But in this case I wasn’t on the set and I don’t know where Margold’s coming up with this. He’s just mad at me still because I beat him in a debate where he called me a name and I pointed it out. That’s what that is.”

East also admits that he’s made some unflattering remarks about PAW and suspects that Margold’s probably had it in for him because of that.

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