The Mystery Man NY’s Soccer Mom Madam Won’t Give Up

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from – The Soccer Mom Madam’s little black book has been whittled down to a single name.

In her first major interview since being released from Rikers Island in June, Anna Gristina dishes to TV talk show shrink Dr. Phil about how prosecutors have hounded her for dirt on a just one associate.

“They have an agenda to get me to talk about a certain person,” she told the daytime doc. Gristina refused to reveal the mystery man, or woman.

Oprah’s former head-shrink sidekick, who sat down at the kitchen table in Gristina’s Monroe, N.Y. farmhouse, asked why the accused flesh-peddler didn’t just save herself and give prosecutors the information they want.

“I have a deep sense of loyalty and I’m Scottish. It was the way I was raised. Your word is everything. I’m not going to hurt someone with a family,” she told the touchy-feely therapist.

“I’m not going to put the nail in the coffin of someone who is very dear to me.”

The suburban mother of four was arrested in February by public corruption prosecutors in the Manhattan district attorney’s office and charged with a single count of promoting prostitution.

Gristina denied criminal allegations in her teary interview with Dr. Phil.

Assistant District Attorney Charles Linehan asked the judge to set her bail at $2 million, arguing she had millions of dollars stashed in offshore accounts, used underage girls for tricks and had a high-powered lawyer who held sway in the city’s corridors of justice. She was held on the sky-high bail for five months before an appellate court overturned Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, allowing her to be released on a lower bail.

Gristina denied the criminal allegations during the teary interview, maintaining she was developing an online dating site where married men could meet single women. She says that she has a stack of overdue bills and “could barely put food on the table for the last four years since the real estate market crashed.”

Gristina, who risks being deported if convicted, said she’s racked her brain for what she might know that would be interest prosecutors. “I asked myself the question 24/7. Do I know a Bernie Madoff? Do I know something? I don’t.”

Gristina, who is accused of hoarding millions in offshore accounts, claims she could barely put food on the table over the past four years.

Dr. Phil got down to the softer side of the accused madam, asking her about the strain the charges have put on her marriage with her third husband Kelvin Gorr.

“Is this a marriage in trouble?” Dr. Phil asked.

The couple paused a beat before Gorr reasserted his loyalty to his missus.

“Every marriage has its ups and downs,” Gorr said. “I made her a promise and I’ll be here for her.”

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