The Nuclear Option : Could A Republican Shakeout Save The Adult Industry?

I got some viewer mail that I wanted to share with you.

At first I had no idea what he was referencing. I guess this person is talking about Lexi Belle and the Fanny Awards. I don’t really care about the Fanny Awards, we talked about it The Fanny Awards are over, but let me read this to you:


“Just to keep you up to date…”

“The ” Fannies ” are voted on by the fans. Lexi Belle is a fan favorite thus, she won the MVV award.”

“Let’s see… What’s Lexi done in the past year?”

“She’s Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2014. As a result, she’s shooting a ton of stuff for them and will do more for the remainder of her term.”

“She feature dances across the country 2-4 times a month. By the way, she’s very good.”

“She has one of the most popular websites in the business.”

“From 2006-Present she has been one of the most requested stars in the industry. She should have been AVN’s ” Performer of the Year ” at least 2 times during that span.”

“Now THAT’s something that you could investigate!!! (Why she wasn’t given that title?)”

“You, above all, should know why she has been somewhat selective relative to her projects in 2013-14. It’s not a Lexi problem ( she’s working and doing quite well, thank you…) it’s an industry problem!!!”

“I hope this helps you understand why she won most “popular” female entertainer at the Fannies… she’s popular!!!”

Listen the easiest way to create an awards show where no one questions the outcome is to say it’s voted on by “fans.” Thus, the only thing you say to say is don’t blame us, the fans voted on it. Whether the fans voted on it or the creators of the Fanny Awards did doesn’t really matter.

Our point about Lexi Belle is that an award given this year should be based on what a performer did that past year. Lexi Belle is not really working in the business anymore as a performer. If you go to her modeling page at Direct Models, she is listed as only doing gril/girl, which for a performer who did boy/girl previously it is a step backwards and for all intents and purposes, that performer is retired.

Now when the reader says “You, above all, should know why she has been somewhat selective…” Is that in reference to the disease problem last year? If that is her reason for only doing girls now, so be it. But a girl who only does other girls is not a legitimate full fledged adult performer. Most of the big projects are boy/girl features. There hasn’t been a girl/girl star since Janine Lindemulder and that was over a decade ago. Since then, there hasn’t been a girl/girl only performer who has been on Howard Stern and reached the level of a legitimate star.

Listen, I love Lexi. I had Lexi in three of my parodies. She’s a great girl. But her time in the business is over. It’s done. She doesn’t perform with guys and the people who voted for her are voting on old content. If anything, it just shows you how fucked the business is when fans are voting on content shot over a year ago and it really doesn’t matter if a studio is shooting new content or not.

You can still make money off of content that’s three years old or ten years old. I could go to any studio with a briefcase full of money and buy gonzo scenes. Put 4 scenes together and if I’m feeling ambitious shoot one new scene, press a DVD, put it in a new package and sell it as a new release and move 4-500 pieces at 10 bucks. Then put that movie on a VOD channel and make even more. All off of old content. That’s what people in the business are doing now.

Or you swap scenes with other companies. You go to a company like Exquisite Multimedia and tell them to give you all black scenes and you swap them with white scenes. Have an art guy make a pretty new box and you put it out under a new label called Black Gold or Baller Nation. Then you sell to all the distributors out there that are left and you pick up 4-5000 dollars all for the cost of a disc, art and replication. Then a couple months later you put it in a grab bag and sell it another distributor like Premiere for $1.50 and they take 300 of a number.

So you’ve got girls winning awards from fans and fans are looking at the content and thinking it’s new. It’s not new, it’s old. But they don’t know, there’s so much content out there they think it’s new. They haven’t seen it. They don’t know it was shot 2 years ago and was in five other movies. If you talk to a fan and tell them that Lexi Belle hasn’t done any new scenes in almost a year they say, “Nooo!” And you go, “Yep.”

Mike South, when he tried to say Katie Summers was doing scenes and was with me and I wasn’t in the PASS system Even he wasn’t aware that Katie hadn’t been actively shooting for a year. He thought she was still making new movies.

I’ll give you one better. Eli Cross just released a movie called The Pornographer, which is funny because we did a movie with the same title back in 98 that won a couple awards at AVN when Eli worked there. Katie did a scene for that movie 3 years ago. Now, if you didn’t know any better, you would think that that was a brand new scene that Katie Summers was in. Somebody would see that scene and go, “Wow. That’s a great new scene with Katie Summers.” If you’re somebody that wants to shoot her you’re gonna say, “How do I shoot that girl?” And somebody goes, “She doesn’t do scenes anymore.” They say, “When did she quit? Right after this movie was done?” “Over a year ago.” And they go, “That’s pretty deceiving.”

Welcome to porn, motherfuckers. Step right up for the greatest con in the world. Case in point: The Pornographer, the brand new movie from Wicked featuring Kylie Ireland’s comeback performance and Katie Summers. A movie that’s over three years old. Sorry to burst everybody’s bubble, but awards show can be pretty unreliable when fans aren’t aware that a lot of scenes were done way before the voting process began. It sucks, but is it the way it is and it’s not likely to get better soon.

If you read my interview with Will Ryder, we talked briefly about the state of the business and all the free content that ruined it Now I’m a die hard Democrat, but I think that really the only way the business can get its mojo back is if we had another Republican administration and a Republican congress.

What would happen would be a full on assault on the adult business. People say it won’t happen, that attitudes have changed. But I never imagined that George Bush would’ve been reelected after he lied about the Iraq war, so nothing’s impossible. The country can be leaning Democrat right now, but elections aren’t won based on party lines. Elections are won by the people who vote Republican in one election and Democrat in the next. The flip floppers. Obama won reelection, but if the Republicans would’ve had a better candidate than Mitt Romney, that might not have been the case. Same with George Bush. Democrats had Herman Munster look a like John Kerry.

When Republicans had Ronald Reagan, he was unbeatable. He won every state but one when he was reelected. He connected with people, the way he spoke and the fact that he was a celebrity. He was a “rock star.” Like Bill Clinton. Like Barack Obama. Politics are all about personality and who is delivering the message. So don’t think for a second that this country can’t go back to a Republican administration. All it takes is someone who looks good, talks good and has a little different way of delivering the message than a standard douchebag Republican. They would take back the White House. Then once they take back the White House, the porn assault would begin.

Once they’re in the Oval office, it doesn’t matter if everyone says, “We want porn.” Look at Dick Cheney. When he was interviewed and the interviewer said that people were against the war, he said, “So? We’re in charge of protecting the American people, so we’re gonna do what we think is best.” The Republicans will pander to whoever gets them reelected and gives them the most money. If the anti porn forces and the Religious Right are good for 25 million, watch how fast they go after porn.

If we get obscenity busts in this business going again, you’ll see people bail out. Especially corporate people. If the government wanted to hit Manwin, they would destroy it because they’re a foreign entity. All it would take is some Republican member of congress talking about radical evil foreign shit and point to Manwin and they would be destroyed.

The only real salvation for this business is for the Republicans to come in and destroy what exists now. It’s like a war movie where they have to detonate a bomb to win the war even though many soldiers get killed in the process. The remaining survivors rebuild what was annihilated. If they don’t set off the bomb, they are gonna die anyway.

The adult business is never gonna get better the way it is going now. The adult business has to be nuked. Whoever is left over to pick up the pieces are the ones who will rebuild and make it better and stronger than before. Hopefully, there will be some lessons learned along the way.

When this Republican beast comes back into everyone’s lives, you will see it change. Remember, back in the 80’s and early 90’s, there weren’t “businessmen” in the adult business. Businessmen didn’t want to risk going to prison. A businessman didn’t want to have some gangster bash him in the head with a baseball bat. Businessmen didn’t want Reuben Sturman to plant a bomb in their video store and blow it up. The business became what it did when it opened up and became a respectable line of work that respectable businessmen could get into.

Now you’re never gonna have the gangster shit happen again, that era is over. But when you have these respectable businessmen with wives and kids and they are being threatened with federal prison time for selling rubber dicks and making movies, you will see a whole different attitude and a whole different vibe.

If you don’t think it can happen, you are completely delusional. We have states that still live in the dark ages. If Romney won the election and not Barack Obama, you would not have seen the gay rights movement that had gone on the last couple years. If Romney was president, that Arizona antigay bill would’ve passed.

If a Republican takes the White House in 2016, he will go after porn with a vengeance. Mark my words. And that may be the best thing to happen to it in the long run and the people who really belong here will prosper.

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