The Other Side of Hollywood Paints Stagliano As He Is- A Failed Talent Who is Seeking Revenge on Those Who Laughed at Him

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As an armchair shrink Rob Black nailed it amazingly on the head. On his Tuesday afternoon show, Black heartily endorsed the book The Other Side of Hollywood which I have been merrily gleaning through this week. Black said, in particular, it gives us a startling profile and appraisal of John Stagliano as a sex criminal.

“I never knew any of that stuff about Stagliano,” said Black, making the point that he’s been in the business for years, even had a relationship with Karen Stagliano and if he didn’t know these things how can Stagliano supporters criticize porn girls who didn’t know he was HIV.

“I didn’t realize the extent of his true disregard for human life- his and others” Black continued.

“It’s fascinating. I never knew any of that stuff. That’s an argument oh she should have known. I didn’t know he blew guys in glory holes. To me when you read all of this stuff, I think there’s going to be hours of stuff to talk about on this show. That book is like an historical document because there’s people that are still prominent players that are in that book.

“This book is a fascinating historical document that everyone should go out and buy. I think if this was anyone else, this would be a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street. I think people are in shock and people can’t get their grasp around Stagliano and his careless disregard for talent.

“Not even talent, it’s human life. John has this careless disregard for human life. This book documents his start about not giving a shit about human life and his own self-interest to satisfy his sexual needs. That’s scary. That’s a sex pirate.

“John has something that he conceals and he conceals it to people whether it’s HIV or if he picks his nose. It shows the character of a man when it comes to something that involves peoples’ health. It shows the character of a man when it comes to sexuality/health. When you do something on impulse, that’s a scary life.

Black said Stagliano basically comes off as a sex criminal.

“And we attribute sex crimes to pedophiles- they’re doing something to somebody who’s a victim. Sex crime is the lowest form there is. It’s all predicated off of a compulsion- it’s about rape, people who fuck children, frottage, bestiality and what Stagliano does. He’s not hiding money. He’s not doing anything but hiding something that involves sex. We’re talking about something that’s criminal.”

Black pointed to the incidents in Columbine and other scenes of society’s crime where perpetrators tend to leave behind a written record of their thought processes.

“All of these people leave journals because they want to tell people, and Stagliano has done the same- he’s left an historical outline. He basically did interviews saying what he was going to do in 2013.

“If you read these things – none of this is different than the journals from the Columbine kids. Stagliano was a failed actor who could not get hard for Traci Lords. He was perceived as a loser and a mope.

“His mission was to get back at all the producers, directors and talent that laughed at him. The day Tom Byron stunt cocked for him in a Traci Lords shoot is when Stagliano decided he was going to give it back to the talent.

“’It was my mission- it was this.’ Now you’re seeing a person as a person and what his true intent was- to get back at talent. He was the first crossover guy. He could not get an erection in the business, but he was on the streets sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass.

“It paints the picture of a sex criminal who was hell bent on getting revenge on talent who laughed at him. It’s downright scary and Stagliano’s bad news. Think about your safety and health.”

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