The Pros and Cons of Banging Your Ex

A lot of us have been in that situation before: we go out for a few drinks and see that our ex is also out to have fun. Most of us tend to stay away, but sometimes you can’t help but talking to each other. You have a few drinks, you talk a bit about the past but not too much so that things don’t get top awkward. After those few bevies you find that the two of you are having a great time, then one thing leads to the other and you wake up together with a slight hangover… Yep you’ve just slept with your ex; even though that wasn’t the plan at all. But it’s not all that bad right? You had a good time, it’s a bit awkward as you say goodbye to each other but still, it was fun! Of course it doesn’t always work out this way…

Pros – A great time

The thing about exes is that you know them; and you’ve had plenty of sex in the past so you’re familiar and compatible with each other when it comes to the bedroom department. But how come such good time even though you are separate? Well, the reason you’re not together is exactly why the sex was so good; it’s called ‘no-strings’ and that’s why people practice it so often. When you are together, there is all that emotional baggage that can make sex great, but can also destroy it. When you’re split up; it’s all about sex and naughtiness; none of that everyday crap that couples have to deal with. If you’ve ever had ‘split-up sex’; then you know it can be great.

Cons – Different motives

Okay so it is all well and good if the two of you feel the same; but what if you or your partner is still in love? It makes for a very unbalanced situation, where one wants love and the other just wants sex. The person that just wants sex will enjoy themselves; while the person in love will probably take what they can anyway; but they will probably be crying afterwards as they still want so much more. It is unfair to sleep with someone if you don’t share the same motives; so maybe make sure that the two of you are on the same vibe before you decide to follow each other back home.

Pros – Relationship downgrade

This might not sound like a great thing, but downgrading your relationship from ‘serious’ to ‘just friends with benefits’ can sometimes work out for the best. Why try hard if the serious stuff isn’t working but the sex is great? Might as well just be fuck buddies and make the most of it. It might not last too long, but at least the two of you can have great sex on the regular until you both decide to move on. So yeah, not exactly the worst downgrade, in fact, some might even say it’s an upgrade that works out for the best.

Cons – Missing out on other opportunities

When you’re still hanging out with your ex, you’re not always paying attention to other people; and this means that you will miss out on a few opportunities with other partners. Of course, if you are happy with just having sex with your ex then that’s cool, but don’t forget that there are other people out there who fancy you and who might not mind having a bit of quality time with you. Online dating sites such as are full of naughty adventurers, so should you miss out on other people and the chance to discover new things? That is all up to you, but you should at least be aware that the grass is greener on the other side. Hanging onto the past is something that we all do, but moving forwards is the best thing we can do by learning from our mistakes. So yes, have sex with your ex if you can, but don’t let it kill all your other opportunities. Life is too short, and there are a lot of people out there that are just waiting for you to enter their lives.



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