The Quotable Rob Black

These are just choice selections from his Wednesday show:

– “In politics you have people who despise each other but when you go to a heads of state funeral they smile and rub elbows then they leave and motherfuck each other a day later. That’s what you’re supposed to do. That’s someone with class.”

– “I’m not that much of a lunatic.”

– “Hey Chris Mann, remember that shit you did to me when I was rising up? You’re such an admirable guy. You called me and said I fought the good fight. You were in Boron, okay?

– “I don’t believe in Jesus. I believe in L. Ron Hubbard. I believe in Dianetics so I’m going to pray right now that L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics, please have Bill Margold get hit by a bus and drag him 35 feet and taste his own blood and die. Let him be hit by a truck full of women he never helped for PAW with all their teddy bears.”

– “I want to have a trailer where I can have the lead of my movies sucking on my cock and the co-star of my movie licking on my asshole.”

– “Who hangs out with Steve Javors unless he can give you awards?”

– “Michael Moz who was at LA Direct was like the Derek flunkie. But flunkie because that’s how they treated him. The guy ran the office. His girlfriend was Brooklyn Lee, and Mike Moz pushed that girl and made her the biggest fucking star out there. You’re the biggest star and Michael Moz made that for you. Not LA Direct and not Mark Spiegler even though you got your award when you made it big and thanked Mark Spiegler. Mike Moz made you a star.”

– “I’m jealous of Axel Braun. He has a Rolls and a Bentley. I’m jealous as fuck of Axel Braun. He plays the game better than me. This is a guy who has the entire business on lockdown. The motherfucker makes a million dollars a year. Bryn Pryor shows up and does all the work.”

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