The Real Facts of the Matter- The Flynt Deal with New Frontier Media Affects Bluebird Films Big Time

Last week I wrote an article about porn karma.

Gawker just saw it in action with Hulk Hogan suing them for $100M. Trust me. There’s more about to come down on the heads of Gawker, but it has nothing to do with the Hogan suit.

The Larry Flynt purchase, however, has everything to do with Bluebird Films and porn karma. Bluebird, you see, signed a content deal with New Frontier Media in April that looked like it was going to put a ton of money in “Pay ‘Em Later” Nicholas Steele’s pocket. Steele, if you know his history, has this thing about paying bills. He doesn’t like to.

I wrote last week that Steele’s problems were only beginning with the departure of Michael Weiner as CEO of New Frontier Media and with that Bluebird appeared to be on shaky ground.

Weiner was fired, and there’s more to it than meets the eye because I’ve been following the fates and fortunes of that company ever since the J.P. Lipson days. More porn karma.

Even more porn karma- with Hustler Canada, Flynt’s now bought the channel in the States that he’s always craved. Except that leaves Steele and Bluebird Films as the odd man out in the deal.

Funny how that works.

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