The Rob Black Show just Got a Lot More Interesting

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I always said. Put me and Rob Black in the same room and it’ll have the effect of nitroglycerine.

Friday afternoon I was a caller-in to Black’s daily Internet show. Black told his listeners that he wanted to make this an end-of-the-week segment, but now it looks like I’ll be on again Monday. Who knows? Maybe Black will decide to make it a daily feature.

I’m saving this weekend to give a wrap-up about what I said on the show because a lot of it involves AVN and the meeting I had with the “men of action” a couple of months ago.

Fact is I’m still reeling over Black’s revelation earlier in the show that Patrick Collins used to call John Stagliano “that ballerina punk.”

This is the kind of history you’re going to get about the business. The gloves are definitely coming off.


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