The Sacramento Samurai: Manwin’s Goal is to Lose AB 332

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The Sacramento Samurai writes: Gene asks who stands to gain the most with AB332, and by extension Measure B?

It’s obvious, and that is MANWIN. Manwin used piracy to kill most of the industry, and now just a few scraps are left to get rid of. Kind of like scraping the dried scrambled eggs.

Manwin, with the help of the bought and paid for FSC will put up their token opposition, like the Measure B campaign. Did anyone take seriously the efforts by the FSC during Measure B, the famous Twitter, Facebook campaign that reached virtually no one in the voting world, just preaching to the choir.

Like a gift to Manwin, these two laws will help finish off what is left of
the industry. You can’t blame Duke for playing along. She’s getting 150
grand a year, and she has every right to want to keep that gravy train
going as long as possible. But she is not completely stupid, she knows that
as soon as Manwin doesn’t need her or the worthless FSC, they will dump them faster than a speeding bullet.

Right now Dianne Duke’s job is to lose. She knows it, and she is doing a
very good job for her bosses, Manwin. Look for Manwin to reward Duke with
some kind of job after everything shakes out, along with the other

The thing is, the stooges, St.Croix, Kayden Kross, James Deen, they don’t know that the goal is to lose. They actually think they are fighting the good fight,and don’t realize they are working for Manwins benefit, which is bad enough. Its even worse if they do know.

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