The Sacramento Samurai: Shy Love Just Put a Nail in The Coffin

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The Sacramento Samurai writes: Shy Love is talking about “legal repercussions”?

Shy Love had best make sure she has her i’s dotted and her t’s crossed
when she talks publicly about someone’s confidential medical information.

She appears to be speaking rather freely about confidential medical records
in very public forms, and naming the person she is talking about. HIPPA
regulations require a specific written release that includes directly who
will get the results, how they will get the results and what that person may do with the results.

“There is nothing in the industry protocols, written releases etc, that
allows an agent to publicly write anything about a performers confidential
medical test results.

“I highly doubt Ms Love has the proper authority to violate the HIPPA rights of this person, but I bet they will get to work real fast to fabricate something after the fact, seeing as how the California Board of Industrial Relations, HIPPA, OIG, and ATA have been notified of this.

“Good job Shy, you just added another nail to the coffin.”

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