The Samurai: Mark Ashley Is On to Something; Diane Duke is a Stooge- It Is Manwin That is Killing You

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Earlier I had posted some comments from Mark Ashley, who asked me if I could give him the leeway to blog and make those same comments, but in the context he felt didn’t make him sound “like a lunatic.”. I’m curious to see what he’ll come up with because, frankly, what Ashley said was on the mark and very well thought out. Nevertheless, The Samurai writes me about other comments Ashley made yesterday:

The Samurai: Mark Ashley is on to something. He is telling it like it is. Its funny when you put his article side by side with articles by, the likes of Julie Meadows, or Lydia Lee. You wouldn’t know they are talking about the same industry. Mark is right on target with his assessment of the current agencies.

About Las Vegas. He is absolutely correct that Vegas, and Nevada would
never stand to have the current structure of the adult business move into
their town. There are a few shooting there now, under the radar for the
most part, but a wholesale move of the current industry just wont happen.

But there is one thing that Mark touched upon that is one of the biggest
reasons the current industry structure will not move to Vegas. Mark said it in one simple sentence,”Female talent have rights here,” and that is the very last thing the current industry structure will not stand for.

On a similar topic, The adult industry claims that the AHF and LA County are trying to destroy the industry. In case you havent noticed, its MANWIN who is destroying the LA porn industry. That has been their plan for years, and it is working very well. They want the LA industry destroyed so they can pick up all the left over pieces and eventually have a true monopoly on the industry.

Manwin has done more damage to the LA porn scene than all of these other entities combined. The industry needs to look at themselves to see who is
destroying them. Dianne Duke is a stooge, doing the bidding for the Manwin
Speech Coalition, she knows what their plan is, and she is doing a great
job to help her bosses accomplish it.

Duke, you can put up your little articles about the government hassling your industry, and infringing on your rights, and just keep ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room, Manwin.

Until Dianne Duke and the rest of you address the real issue of what is killing the industry, Manwin, your political battles mean nothing. You could win everyone of these battles, AB332, Measure B, and it wont make a bit of difference, because it is Manwin that is killing you.

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