The Samurai: The Industry Loves Every “Study” That Supports It; God Forbid One That Doesn’t

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Back story:

The Samurai writes: I just read the article that is being praised by the adult industry regarding an “online study” that seems to show that porn does not have the negative influences that are commonly associated with viewing adult material.

Does anyone else find it strange that whenever there is any type of study
that puts the industry in a bad light it is immediately attacked, it’s
methods questions, and it’s conclusions simply rejected by the industry.

On the other hand, when any study appears to be pro-industry it is accepted as truth without question, no analysis of its methods, and no questioning who the author is, or what their agenda is.

This “online survey” had it come to any other conclusion would surely be
attacked for its non-scientific methods, and been laughed aside by the
industry, but the conclusion supports the industry, that is why the industry will not question its validity.

Of course doing an online study about porn, using porn consumers is kind of
like the church doing a study on how many people in the pews believe in
Jesus Christ. Leave it to the likes of Nina Hartley to praise this study,
and remain silent when a study shows how many undetected stds there are
because the industry doesn’t test all of the anatomical sites where these
stds occur. Hypocrisy perfected Nina.

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