The Samurai’s Thoughts on and Where was Lorelei Lee; Does James Franco Hold a Key?

Gene-san- Rob Black raised some spine-tingling issues about on his show Wednesday night. I hope you’ll be doing the re-cap and expose their compliance tape for what it is – worthless in a court of law.

Meanwhile, consider this: Lorelei Lee who shot with Cameron Bay was in the Czech Republic when the first HIV news broke. You can verify this by checking her tweets with other porn stars on twitter and her blog.

Looks like she might have been shooting. I’m not sure but thought you could find out. So the question is where did she do her first generation test? Prague? Can the FSC prove or confirm the results in eastern europe?

Does the porn industry in Europe know what the fuck is going on in SF? did she honor the moratorium overseas? Do they know about the moratorium? Can they read tweets in English? I’d like to know if production was halted to be safe.

What recent shoots was Rod in during his shooting with Kink? All that is mentioned is the TS shoot. But what about the shoot that was published on

It was published on August 9th but it was shot at Dore Alley. It was a major public shoot with tons of people around. I think the date is 7/27? Look it up. But there is a shot with a bunch of dicks jacking off in a dudes mouth. Rod is there, and it was shot at the event. Have all those guys been tested? If they are HIV+ will we know? Does it matter since they might already be HIV+ before the shoot? it seems like it is assumed they are so how will the industry and handle this. Curious on your take on this one.

The darling James Franco who did a movie about Kink. What the fuck does he think about all this? Directors love models right?? Did he consider this shit when he was making his movie about kink or was he just in it to be near porn stars? Or is he like Kink who? If he gives a fuck about kink and the industry I’d like to know his thought about condoms on set and the recent models testing positive. Or is this just bad press for him.


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