The Shadow Knows: Diane Duke is Fooling No One; Where were all of the industry supporters in Sacramento?

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The Shadow writes me: During the Measure B campaign, the adult industry was able so secure the endorsement of a group called The Valley Industry & Commerce Association, along with the L.A. Times, Daily News, The California Republican Party, and several others. In spite of all of these great endorsements Measure B passed, and now AB332 is on track to approval.

The industry claims these laws are going to kill a multi-billion dollar
industry in California, and chase away, as Diane Duke was recently
quoted,” TENS of thousands of jobs.”

There have been two hearings now in Sacramento regarding AB332 and I found
something interesting.

Not a single representative from any of the organizations that opposed Measure B, especially the Valley Industry & Commerce Association were there to comment or voice their support for the industry. I wonder if they even knew about the hearings.

One would think that if tens of thousands of jobs, and billions of dollars were at stake, the Valley’s largest commerce association would be there. And while the FSC is listed as a member of VICA, I do not see a single adult company listed anywhere in their membership directory.

The San Fernando Business Journal might call Michael Weinstein enemy
number on, that only leads me to the conclusion that they have never heard
of a little company called MANWIN, which as EVERYONE in the industry,
especially the likes of Diane “Do Nothing” Duke, knows all to well has
caused more damage to the industry that all the AHF’s, OSHA’s, and Morality
In Media could ever dream of doing.

Diane, you are fooling no one. Everyone knows it’s you, hand in hand with
Manwin, that is destroying the business. And by hand in hand I mean your
hands in their pockets for your paycheck, and their hands on the back of
everybody’s head as they suck deeper and deeper on the pole that is screwing them out of existence. Dianne, you are no less a whore than any street walking crack addict.

The Shadow knows what you’re about…


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