The Starr Sisters Now with OC Modeling

Sisters Natasha and Natalia Starr were guests on Debi Diamond’s Playground Internet Show this week.

The women retained attorney Allan Gelbard and are suing LA Direct Models to get out of their porn contract. Evidently, successfully, from the way it sounds.

The Starr sisters have charged that Derek Hay is a pimp was duping them into doing ‘Privates”. Hay in turn initiated a smear campaign.

But if you were looking for any dirt or details in that rift you didn’t find it in a succinct 15-minute interview that amounted to promo. The sisters did they say they were no longer with LA Direct Models and were now with OC Modeling. Natasha Starr said this about Hay, “he has the illusion that he’s a big company.”

Natalia added that everything was okay in the beginning but things change, people change.

Diamond asked Natasha if LA Direct was linked to an escort site.

“I dunno, you know,” Starr said.

The way it sounded, Diamond doesn’t have a problem with escorting.

“If you’re going to fuck in front of a camera, and this is my opinion, if you’re going to go for an hour what the fuck is the difference with a condom. You’re probably making three times as much money, it’s quicker. I’m blown away that all these people are doing this.”

Natasha Starr said most girls in the business choose to escort.

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