The Story Behind the Nasty Sanchez Teenager Hookup

Connecticut – from www.MYFOXNY.COM – Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez allegedly had an affair with a high school student from Greenwich, Conn., according to sports gossip website . The two apparently met at a nightclub in Manhattan on New Year’s Eve.

Eliza Kruger, 17, [pictured] covered her face with a fur hood and dodged questions from Fox 5 on a street near her home in Greenwich.

The blonde high school student who claims to have spent a night with Sanchez at his home chose instead to text on her phone when we found her.

“I have no comment,” she said.

The age of consent in New Jersey and Connecticut is 16. In New York, it is 17.

Kruger’s mother told Fox 5 that the family has no comment.

The Jets told Fox 5 that the team with not comment on Sanchez’s personal life.

This story was first posted on sports gossip website . Fox 5 spoke to editor A.J. Daulerio about how the site obtained Kruger’s story.

“We received a tip from someone who said there was a well known quarterback, who was dating a high school and do you want information about it? We had no idea what he was talking about a day later we got an email from Eliza herself….. from there I told her to give me a call and she did, she gave me the details of her night out with Mark Sanchez,” Daulerio said.

“When Eliza and I were having discussions about whether she was going to go forward I told her all I have is your Facebook status so I asked her ‘Do you have any other proof?’ She sent me his phone number plus she sent me pictures of his apartment after the night she says he spent over there,” he added.

“We received multiple tips about Eliza dating Mark Sanchez… But the real confirmation was from her lawyer who contacted us and put everything in a different light for us, but we were confident it was true because there were other newspapers working on the story as well,” Daulerio said.

“Eliza said Mark Sanchez is a very nice person he was a guy that seemed very humble and that she enjoyed so… she also said multiple times that she was skeptical of mark’s intentions, she couldn’t figure out why this popular looking quarterback was interested in a high school girl if he could have anyone he wants,” he said.

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