The Tao of PAW and Bill Margold: Be True to Your Pimp

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Ever since Bill Margold went on Alesia Pleasure’s Internet talk show last week and stated that a girl [Kelly Wells] getting her jaw busted on a set was a badge of honor, I’ve become more curious about this organization which is supposed to be helping talent not encouraging them to get maimed in some strange rite of passage.

Historically, Margold formed PAW after the unfortunate death of Savannah. Savannah wrecked her car, busted her nose and shot herself.

Checking out the PAW website, I’ve noticed that the Ten Commandments of XXX are offered. I found Number 10 intriguing especially in light of the fact that talent agents in the business are known to send porn performers on shoots where their health may be compromised, and agents are also known to be operating escort sites.

This is the Tenth Commandment: “Be Loyal To Your Original Agent

He is the person that helps your career with advice, contacts with companies, gets you the auditions, books your road trips and gives you a shoulder to cry on. Do not back stab him or treat him badly. He is an indispensable rung in your climb to the top of the ladder. Cherish the input. He gets you in the doors that you need. Once you’re in the door, your assets will do the rest. Treat your agent as you want him to treat you.”

Assuming this was written in the days of Jim South, perhaps Margold might consider updating this commandment in keeping with the, er, times.

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