The UAWA Is Set To Go; No More Rite Aid Tests Which You’re Paying $140 a Month For

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“I had people tell me it couldn’t be done,” said Rob Black.

“Very simple. It’s done. The quagmire [in the free testing] is this – you’re going to have a test that’s not part of the PASS/Free Speech system.

“Alex Gonz went around the protocols. We set up a system of rules and, ultimately, you would have to get people like Jacky St. James to adhere to the fundamentals of allowing this test to be accepted then feeling the wrath from PASS calling up Scott Taylor.

“I would like to get a unified coalition- Adam & Eve, New Sensations behind this,” said Black describing Diane Duke and company as “international rogues that use chemical weapons on their own people.”

My argument to Black has been to stop talking and nail these people with a taste of their own medicine, and Black is now willing to do that.

“If Free Speech is supposed to be part of the business and informed, they’re not informed enough,” Black added.

“They’re using biological weapons on their own people and are lying about it. While they’re saying that, they’re gassing their own people.

“What Free Speech is doing is hiding test results. They have doctors that don’t directly tell people other test results [Cameron Bay’s] but talk really loud- WOW THIS GIRL’S VIRAL LOAD IS AROUND A MILLION!@!!

I told Black in so many words, what you have to do is act, don’t wait to build a coalition or an alliance- go in there attack and eradicate because that Free Speech advisory panel is a figment of Diane Duke’s imagination and go ahead with a plan that brings about a RICO indictment.

“And give the talent a test that will work,” I said, well, in so many words.

“I decided that is what we will do,” Black announced.

“We have the testing. We will now set it in place with the administrative part of the UAWA, and in a matter of weeks the UAWA will be launched, will be operational and we will be part of the business.

“As a UAWA member you will have testing for free. And I will personally lobby to every one of the studios that the tests performed by this clinic are more than reliable and that the database and process is better than anything that is out there.

“When you work with a UAWA member, you are working with somebody completely compliant by Cal/OSHA standards. That is what will be happening as we speak today, tomorrow and every day.

“The UAWA will be set up with an office and will prepare to get the talent fully tested as a UAWA member,” Black added.

“I guess that $50 [parking] ticket was worth it after all. The UAWA has been formed. The road map is now clear. I told everyone I had to get the testing- that was the main goal. After that, everything is doable.

“I need your support to reform our business, added Black.

“And one word of advice for some of the production companies- the buzz from Sacramento is that the talent will have to be immunized.

“There’s going to be those requirements for talent, and the production companies will have to pay for that. That’s in the process and part of the plan. All of the burdens are going to the production companies.

“Wouldn’t you like to figure out a way where that can be shared? It’s called a union and the fees might be offset by a union structure. The UAWA is here for the workers and the production companies. Everyone has to work together- this is not one-sided where Steve Hirsch drives half a million dollar cars while Koretsky flies in private jets.

“The 1% should not be hobnobbing while talent is out there dying from HIV. The UAWA is a structure that now provides free testing to the talent. In a climate right now you have the Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke, John Stagliano and those people telling you you’re going to test twice a month.

“The truth is Diane Duke can’t get her shit together and testing is pass-fail, nothing more. That is an embarrassment and you pay for that.

“In the next couple of weeks I’ll have the structure laid out.”

Black said what makes PASS testing a joke is that you can find the same test at Rite Aid for $40.

“Free Speech determines Cameron Bay’s status with a a swab test. They use a test you would laugh at. Diane Duke can brag about these panels but what they use is no different than something at Walgreen.

“The government lays out billions of dollars a year for HIV free testing, for preventive testing for all sorts of diseases. Believe it or not, medical testing for these types of diseases are free.

“But explain to me where we pay $140 a pop to Diane Duke and then they give you a test John Stagliano can pass. Yet a call for condoms they thumb their nose at- why? Let’s test twice a month. Is this cheaper than $5 a month for rubbers? If none of you are seeing that, you’re delusional and uneducated.”

Black said expect to see PSAs run on behalf of condoms and free testing in the months ahead.

“This movement is going to be bigger than this industry has ever seen,” he predicted.

“The UAWA is going to be the new ruling body. You destroyed this business, now it has to be rebuilt.

“The American worker is taken care of. The adult film worker is left to die by people who don’t care for you- The UAWA is going to stop this.” Black said for him seeing the first talent to get a free test under the UAWA auspices will be reward enough.


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