The UAWA- Rob Black Breaks It Down; “The Days of Sandy at OC Modeling Are Through”

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What the landed gentry and scions of entitlement in the porn industry don’t want to hear is the fact that corruption and kickbacks are gone once the UAWA becomes a reality.

Neither do the talent agents want to hear about the free ride being over. But the benefits to performers are going to be immeasurable, according to Rob Black.

“Free monthly testing, full panel, plain and simple,” said Black.

Come, again? Free monthly testing?

“Every performer now pays CET and TTS $130,” he added.

“But it’s all been proven – your tests are meaningless and they are shit. We already know that the tests you get are bullshit. UAWA will be providing free monthly testing.

“Impossible? Let me clue you in on something,” Black added.

“You can go to clinics all over Los Angeles and get a free HIV test. With that in mind, if any clinic that’s supported by government grant, a loan, and community organizing if they can do what Free Speech does now and they can provide free testing along with it, how is it that APHSS can’t?

“If some clinic in Compton can give free HIV testing with the same funding APHSS gets [along with the requisite double dipping] why can’t APHSS?

“It’s very simple for the UAWA to strike up a deal with a very large clinic,” Black explained.

“It ain’t that hard. If a clinic in Compton with less funding can provide free testing for people in their community, how is it APHSS cannot provide correct testing when each of you pays $1600 out of pocket per year for a test?

“How many active performers are there? You do the math. With fund raisers and Free Speech donations, all of that provides less than a free clinic in Compton. And you say you’re safe?

“And there will be free six months check ups for physicals,” Black added.

“A woman can have a pap smear and breast exams and make sure your insides are not rotting out up from all the work you’re doing. The guys- you will get rectal exams for prostate, ball checks- every worker who’s part of the UAWA will have that. The same people who provide testing will provide this.

“And there will be one central casting division- no agents,” Black vowed.

“The days of Sandy at OC Modeling are over. The days of a man or a woman controlling talents’ bodies are done. The days of being bought and sold are over.

“To drive a car or to have a dog you have to have a license,” Black reasoned.

“Every industry has some kind of licensing. They have boxing licenses and when you get that, you have to go through a medical and neurological tests; they do background checks, everything, and when you fail a test they tell everyone.

“The days of a girl getting off a bus stop and having some sleazo grab her and bring her to an industry testing facility then have her blow every producer and director with a $400 job to show for it are over. And who knows what happens to that girl by the third day of the third week with that test she just got?

“Every performer will have to get licensed. There will be fingerprints, picturing, background checks and a fee. All of it will be done through the LAPD. Want to hack into LAPD for information on the talent? Go for it.

“These are the same procedures that strip clubs employ,” Black noted.

“We want to know who exactly is in our business, and why can’t we control our industry like every other industry? But for some reason our industry feels like it doesn’t need any controls.

“The days of pimp agents picking up a phone and booking you in a Jim Lane 50 man anal cream pie gangbang are over. It’s done. People under the UAWA are not going to be put in danger. No agency fees. No producer fees. Why is a girl paying all that?

“Agency fees are done. Producer fees are done. It’s over. One central casting division. You have a data base of pictures. You have data bases of information. You have data bases that are filtered out to casting agents.

“No girl has to worry about losing work to some guy casting out of Quebec. We know the real work, and we know the ‘private’ work. If you want private work be an escort, a prostitute, but you’re not going back and forth in this business. Plain and simple you want to do that you’re going to Nevada. This business is going to be a united organization.

“There will be a pay scale,” Black also added.

“There’s going to be a few heavyweights involved, but when talent has that protection you’re going to see a lot more bravery.”

Black also talked about affordable health care for all members and one only has to think about Cameron Bay and the embarrassing Prince Yahshua beg-a-thon to understand what Black is talking about.

“It’s a very simple process- when you have a group consisting of 100 people or 200 people, you have more power to bargain and negotiate say with Blue Cross & Blue Shield or Kaiser Permanente. You will sit there and negotiate health insurance plans and pricing. The UAWA will come back with an affordable health care plan that will be no more than what you paid for a monthly test that will be offset.

“UAWA does not run on pipe dreams and fantasies,” Black promised.

“How do you offset some these costs? We will have fund raisers like you have now, but we won’t sit back like Diane Duke who commits heinous crimes against you. We will practice what we preach.

“We will also have a brand of UAWA condoms that will be branded and licensed throughout the USA and foreign countries. The UAWA will practice what we preach. The condoms will be free, on set and available; and these condoms will be sold and promoted across the globe and promoted by UAWA members.

“Whoever are part of the UAWA, we will make condom use safe but also cool. The UAWA condoms will be packaged with Katie Summers and Tom Byron brands [and others].

“The income from that venture will be put back into the UAWA to provide health care. The UAWA books will be open. There will be no hiding but full disclosure. Plain and simple. You will be able to see how the UAWA is spending and making its money and just exactly the great things we have coming.

“You’re talking about a billion dollar industry that all of us are frozen out of except Free Speech, Diane Duke, Christian Mann – they all seem to be relishing in the riches while every one of you are slaves every single day and put your lives on the line for a testing system that has been flawed from Day One.

“Christian Mann and Diane Duke continue to take millions of dollars from you. But the UAWA will work for the people of the business tirelessly and you’ll say why didn’t we do this four years ago. Why? Because I was in prison.

“For the adult worker the time is now. We have partners that want to help us and as long as Rob Black works hand in hand with our partners, guess what? With the unstoppable force of this union, we will march on to Sacramento.

“We’ll get our act in order and show this state we can unite and create something that protects the people, that what they have in Nevada, why can’t that be something we cannot achieve in this business.

“We can show this state that the adult business recognizes when they have a problem, but the adult business fixes, changes, reinvents and, more importantly, prepares for the future and takes it to where we’ve never been before.”

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