The VIP Connect Hosting Fake Mindgeek Mansion Parties

Shy Love invited several of the girls on her roster to a mansion party  saying it was for the owners at Mindgeek aka Manwin. When the girls arrive they started talking to some of the guys there and nobody knew who the hell Mindgeek or Manwin was. The men were Israeli business men that Shy Love and Sophia Santi wanted to impress.

She tricked the girls into going to this party for free saying it was to get them work for sites like Brazzers and Digital Playground – companies that Mindgeek owns.

In the end what the girls really got tricked into going to a party for one of her John’s party. It had nothing to do with Mindgeek or anything in porn.

Two girls who reported it, smelled a rat they weren’t into privates or off camera work, so they decided to do some digging and find out the truth about the mansion parties.

So even if a girl tries to do the right thing and doesn’t do privates, Shy Love tricks them with their fake mansion parties.

So if you are at a mansion party and are being told it’s for Mindgeek and it’s all Israeli men, you’re an idiot. You just got tricked into being eye candy for Shy Love and Sophia Santi at a hooker party for free.




  1. All women in the porn do privates. It all depends on the price and the “client”. If try escort, they’ll do a private. Why would a porn star deny a millionaire a private video for his own personal collection when he’s giving her approximately $15G in just one night?

    I’m sick of these “Nobel” pornstars with ethics or even standards. They’re all so full of shit! They all fuck the right people to get work, to become a star, to make good money, and other shit. It’s just an unspoken business deal that’s frowned upon like how back before the millennium when escorting was frowned upon.

    All these agents and managers book their girls for privates. It all just depends on who the client is and how much is offered. The poem biz is nothing more than pimps and whores. All managers, agents, and PRs are pimps and all of the talent are nothing more than hookers.

    It’s all a crock of shit.

  2. Mark are you Forbush in a different form making false flag digital foot prints for the scammer?
    Impressive though you seem so quick to roll over and Shy Love and sold out the real enemy of The Unites States. We thank you and will cut you some slack and considering your offer.
    Good work

  3. I’m not John at all, I’m an attorney and my name isn’t really Mark, but what I will say is this, are you sure John and Shy Love aren’t business partners?

  4. Mark Thank you for the anonymous tip to the address of Shy Love in
    Diemen Netherlands
    As soon as there is verification of the actual address we will remove all your information for good as promised.

  5. Hi Gene came across AdultFYI and thought of a time I saw Shy Love many years ago while she was strip dancing at a club in bum fucked Mississippi. Felt sorry for the frantic bitch on stage crawling around on all fours while only a few duckets was tossed at her like food scraps tossed at an old dog. Shy was Pregnant while stripping. I was so tuned off I took the money back while a baby’s hand reached from inside her vagina and snatch the money back from my hands.

    Definitely a non gentile seeded inside and refused to pull out, they play for keeps and wanted his name to resurface for decades. Yeaks

  6. You didn’t get her address from me, I’m an attorney, fan boi and a hobbyist. I do social security cases and traffic accidents so we don’t even use nexus lexus at my office.

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