The Yes Arguments and The No Arguments Regarding Proposition B

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Posted on – On October 5, 2012 I posted an article about Ballot Measure B, including the language of the arguments for and against condoms in porn that will be included in the voter guide sent to millions of voters in Los Angeles County

(Please see: ).

After receiving numerous questions as to who wrote the “against” position I posted another article on who the authors were (Please see: ).

At the time, I did not know what, if any, connection those authors had to the adult entertainment industry. However, now it appears from the rebuttals that the original authors were selected by the “No on Government Waste Committee.”

This morning rebuttals to the for and against arguments have been posted on ( Please see: ).

Here is the rebuttal against the argument for condoms in porn. The authors of the rebuttal are Diane Duke of FSC, Dr. Peter Miao of Cutting Edge Testing, Stuart Waldman of VICA and again Pamela Brown Phd and Dr. Randall Weissbuch ( Ms. Brown and Dr. Weissbuch were both authors of the first argument against Ballot Measure B):

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