This Is The Rob Black Show

I want to explain the premise of The Rob Black Show.

What we wanted to do is capture the world’s imagination, capture the industry’s attention, take this program and parlay it into something much bigger. From day one, our aspirations and goals were never to be a blog for the porno business or another porno radio show. It was never to be a Harvey Milk, an activist for the adult business. It was never our intention to create some elaborate union or think tank. It was never to do any of that stuff.

It was all a work. In wrestling parlance, a work means fake. When we raided the AVN offices years ago, we staged a situation where I went to AVN and created a disturbance and actually had fake cops come in and arrest me. Some people at AVN were in on it, like Gene Ross. We filmed it and put in on XPW TV as part of a routine where I was the owner of XPW who was losing his mind. We didn’t let anyone else in on the joke, including Paul Fishbein. Fishbein actually hired private security guards because he thought I was gonna come back and blow up his building and everyone inside of it. One of the AVN employees remarked later that he thought something was fishy when he saw that one of the cops wearing Air Jordans instead of standard issue police shoes. Gene Ross wrote a story about how I has assaulted a plant, so at that point Paul Fishbein knew that he had been had and the hiring of bodyguards made him look incredibly silly. He had been “worked.”

I was the master of the work. What seemed real was fake, what seemed fake was real. We kept people on their toes constantly. Our goal was to create attention and publicity in order to peak interest in and create revenue for the company Extreme Associates. And it worked. We were tremendously successful for a number of years until the government indicted me for obscenity.

So when we started the journey of The Rob Black Show, it was strictly based on how do we take 20 years of Rob Black’s life in porn, in wrestling, in mainstream media, my larger than life personality and how we could parlay that into real money. Not porn money. We’re talking real money. TV shows, books, documentaries. An entertainment conglomerate. Much like the WWE did by creating their own channel. That ultimately was the goal of The Rob Black Show. To create something that was bigger than anyone had ever seen before.

At the end of the day, we knew that the writing was on the wall, unlike the rest of the porn business. The fact that the content is free and nobody cares who the girl or guy is in the movies. It’s become a disposable commodity. People want to get off. They want to masturbate. That’s it. That’s what the internet has done to the business, for better or worse. Unless you have the wherewithal and the structure set up to get huge amounts of traffic or unless you have broadcast channels or a way to compete with all of the free content out there, you’re done. You can get tons of Evil Angel or Elegant Angel content for free. Whether they are in cahoots with these tube sites or not doesn’t really matter because they are there. There is no incentive to buy DVD whatsoever. Hollywood has already started to make the transition to streaming with Amazon and Netflix. DVD is being phased out. When you look at the model of what the adult business is doing and think that this is a viable business opportunity, it’s not.

When we started the transformation on March 31, 2013 and launched The Rob Black Show, we knew we had to captivate the industry, we had to suck them in with something that wasn’t Cocksmokers 38 or Southern Bukkake. Who gives a fuck? Nobody cares. It’s painfully obvious that nobody else cares either, because everyone’s broke. The adult business is now a bunch of people making middle to lower class money in the sex trade. For them it beats getting a 9 to 5 job at a bank cleaning toilets or working at Home Depot. The visions of becoming rich are gone. Unless you’re an established giant who’s been around for 30 years you are done.

So we came up with a plan and that was to create a buzz by any way possible. It was a genius plan. We got our first press with The Daily Beast. From there to the Young Turks. The Porn Whistleblower. Then it morphed into the condom debate. Things from talking to Isadore Hall to Cameron Bay going to AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which we were responsible for. But we never had any intent of creating a coalition or creating a fantasy of getting porn performers to get together and hold hands and sing Kumbaya. It would never happen and I knew it would never happen because I’ve been in this system all of my life. From day one, the system has always been what it is. It’s run by complete scumbags. Some of those scumbags are still around and it will never ever change.

Example: Back in the day, companies would get together and set up a pricing structure. People like Russ Hampshire and Elliot Siegal would get everybody together and tell everyone that no one should sell their new releases for less than a certain price. But these industry leaders would go around the system and offer a lower price to distributors that they were friends with and tell them not to tell anyone so that they could put a couple extra dollars in their pocket. One by one all of these industry leaders did the same thing. This has always been the way the business was run.

No different than in 1998 when the industry tried to go all condom. Russ Hampshire got everybody together, Vivid, Wicked and almost everyone went all condom. This stance was abandoned a couple of years later, but Steve Orenstein at Wicked stuck it out. Not because he had any great moral fiber, but because he had a foreign rights broadcast deal in France that would only take all condom movies. Orenstein was set up in business by Lenny Friedlander and Ruby Gottesman. Steve was a salesman for Ruby. When Wicked first started, they were like any other company at the time putting out shitty features. The condom issue actually gave Wicked an identity in the marketplace. That and the France deal is what has kept Wicked alive all these years. Plus, there has recently been a connection that nobody talks about. Manwin now owns a piece, if not all of Wicked’s internet division. There were never a righteous company, they were a company that needed an advantage. Everybody else abandoned their condom stance and Steve said, “Fuck it. We’re in it, let’s own it.” and rolled with it and kept it going. Worse comes to worst he goes back to being a salesman. But it paid off.

Listen, do you really think that Steve or any of these company owners gives a fuck if any of the talent come down with AIDS, syphilis or any other STD? Nobody gives a fuck. All the discussion going on now is strictly about not getting fined from Cal/OSHA. Nobody gave a fuck about whether talent got AIDS before and nobody gives a fuck now. Talent is disposable. Talent is a dime a dozen.

People still got gonorrhea and other STDs back in the 80’s. They just kept it quiet. There was no Twitter, no internet. It was easier to keep on the down low. Company owners didn’t care. All they cared about was whether the government was gonna come in and regulate them and cut into their profits. Nothing has changed and nothing ever will change.

All this talk about safety. You’re talking about people that fuck other people randomly for money. A girl shows up on a set, meets a guy for the first time and an hour later she opens her asshole to this stranger. Nobody gives a fuck about someone like that and they never will. It’s the way it’s been since porn was invented and it’s always gonna be that way. People don’t like that I point this out. I point it out to the media. It gets out there because of all of the avenues on the internet.

You have people like Nina Hartley and bullshit porn performer unions that try to portray to the media that any disease comes from the outside of the business. From irresponsible offscreen behavior. But the reality is most of the female performers in this business are hookers. You have agents who run escort agencies. Girls do privates for 200 dollars in a hotel room with guys that shoot the “scenes” on a cell phone camera. They like to pretend what they’re doing isn’t prostitution, but it is. They like like think of themselves as “actresses.” They’re not. They are hookers. Embrace being a hooker. The world needs hookers and the porn biz needs girls who are stupid enough to fuck without a rubber.

So everything we’ve set out to do on The Rob Black Show has been with one goal in mind. To create controversy, to generate buzz about what we were doing and to sell what we were selling, which was our brand of entertainment. Our goal was to create havoc. Everything that happened in the business with regards to legislation is because of us. We exposed Derek Hay for the pimp that he was and ran him out of town to Vegas. He’s out of the Vivid building. John Stagliano doesn’t do the Stretch Class series anymore because we exposed what he was doing, putting female talent at risk for getting HIV from his dirty diseased cock, fingers and mouth. I really couldn’t give two shits about stupid girls in the business who don’t care about their own health. I just find it amusing to torture assholes like Stagliano, Derek Hay, Mark Spiegler and Mike South. Mark Spiegler sends his girls out on hooker gigs with Hollywood heavyweights like Richard Nanula. He sends his girls out to be abused by rich old drunk fucks like Victor of Malibu. Everything that’s happened in this business that has made all the industry bigwigs run for cover has been because of The Rob Black Show. We’ve created turmoil and havoc and we’re gonna continue to do it.

When I got out of prison, there was a fraction of a business left. We created a line called Extreme Comixxx and put Jerry Estrada on the superhero parody map. We did a movie called Taxi Driver XXX that won the Best Drama Parody prize at the XRCO. Axel Braun did a movie called Star Wars XXX and Tom Byron won an award for Best Supporting Actor for playing Obi-Wan. But that was it. That was all that was left to do. I told Tom Byron that there was no way I was end up like Ron Sullivan, working for 800 dollars to direct a shitty one day movie and dying broke with cancer and having nut jobs like Amber Lynn trying to raise money for my wife. Byron told me that he didn’t want to be Herschel Savage or Ron Jeremy or some other guy who doesn’t know when it’s time to quit. Doing gang bangs to pay the rent. He said there’s nothing more humiliating than being an old guy in porn.

We embarked on a strategy to have all eyes on us. We got together with Gene Ross, our old partner in crime, and completely restructured the way people looked at this business. The way people looked at the news and gossip sites. The way people looked at the hierarchy who ran this business. We worked everybody. We pulled of the Lufthansa heist of porn. I remember telling George from Spieglergirls a couple of years ago that I was gonna wreak total chaos on Spiegler and the entire adult agency business. Derek Hay got thrown out of the Vivid building. We did exactly what we set out to do. The proof is in the pudding. We call the shots. We do whatever the fuck we want to do. We gobble you up, spit you out and shit you out. And we do it on a daily basis.

When Gene Ross retired and Tom Byron took over the writing duties, we informed everybody that we would no longer be posting press releases and cutting and pasting stories about hot to trot teachers blowing their students. We told everybody that we would be writing books and posting comedy routines. Subsequently, what have we done? We’ve published two books, Extreme Thoughts by Rob Black and Drink The Kool-Aid. A collection of over 70 original mainstream stories. We’re working on a third book as well as a book with porn stories. We’ve got people like Bruce Pilato, who manages bands like Asia and Meatloaf working with us. Peter Young from Sovereign Talent Group who was with Howard Stern’s agent Don Buchwald. These are the people who are working with us. These are mainstream people who are doing things with us to get us on a national stage. That’s what our goal was from the very beginning. Porn industry, we took you and we worked you. That’s what we do.

If we want to expose someone and take them down, that’s what we do. If we want to make someone popular, that’s what we do. The entire porn community listens to us, watches us and we call the shots. But, if you’ve noticed, the last couple months we’ve only dedicated the last half hour of the show to talking about porn. That’s because our mainstream agents don’t want me to talk about porn all the time. When we’re auditioning and Bruce is telling people to listen to the show, he says they don’t want to hear about the stupid people in porn. When Peter sends my book out, it can’t be about porn. That’s not what’s gonna break us out. They want me to talk about politics, about my life, they want to hear prison stories. Nobody in the mainstream cares about syphilis and porn people and pedophiles.

So we post one porn story a day on AdultFYI. That’s it. Everything else on the site are comedy bits, political commentary and banners for what we’re selling, from T-shirts, books to movies that we sell on VOD. The one we posted on Friday was pretty funny. We wrote about a porn museum closing down and about Mike South and his inept reporting about Evil Angel being visited by Cal/OSHA and the fact that I was responsible for him being fired from Elegant Angel.

A lot of people didn’t know the real story because people like Mike South likes to try to rewrite history. But I’m here to make sure everybody knows the facts. A lot of people in the business don’t like facts, because they have to look at themselves in the mirror and realize they’re losers and have never amounted to anything in the business. Like Mike South.

We recounted the story of Mike getting fired so I won’t go into it again, but I basically went to Patrick, showed him the Mike South movie and he was outta there. After one movie. The only director in Elegant Angel history to only last one movie. Santino Lee, Jay Ashley, even Marc Wallice did more movies at Elegant Angel than Mike South. Elegant Angel was bigger than Evil Angel. Evil Angel was all the old guys. Greg Dark had left to do mainstream movies and make music videos. John Leslie was still kicking ass, but Joey Silvera was dogshit, until him and Stagliano started hanging out with trannies and Joey started shooting them and reinvented his career. Elegant Angel was the biggest in the game and Mike South wanted to be a part of it and Rob Black got his ass fired.

I guess we hit a nerve. Because on Sunday, when he never posts, he wrote about me. You know, it’s almost like having a fight with someone who’s retarded, because they can’t defend themselves. They try to defend themselves, but they can’t. What’s funny is he doesn’t address anything in the post that I said about him. When I saw the post, I sent him an email and said, “Is that all you got?” and sent him a picture of my shit and he didn’t respond. I’m telling ya, it’s like making fun of a retard who can’t defend himself.

Here’s some of his post:

“Rob has been poking at me forever trying to get a mention, his infantile whining is only surpassed by his delusions of grandeur…to hear Rob tell it he is responsible for every major event that has happened in porn since he came in….most minor ones too.”

First of all, I poke at all the news agencies, from XBIZ and that bitch Alec Helmy to AVN to Mike South. Second, if you’re willing to dispute any of the things that I’ve said I’m responsible for, I’m all ears. From talent who I’ve started their careers on down. You won’t dispute it because you can’t.

“Truth is the things he is responsible for are mostly scumbag things like bouncing checks to talent (that he never made good on) and ruining careers….like Tommy Byrons, it’s a damn shame that Rob had to drag Tommy down with him, but when you lie down with dogs you gonna get fleas and Rob has proven to be nothing if not the lowliest of curs.”

That’s Mike’s biggest thing, “scumbag things like bouncing checks…” The most old, regurgitated bullshit. It’s like saying Bill Clinton got a blow job from Monica Lewinsky. That’s all you got? I just talked about getting you fired and all you got is bouncing checks to talent? That’s it?

Ruining careers? I think it was a year ago that Tom Byron won Best Supporting Actor at AVN for being Obi-Wan Kenobi and was nominated for being Dean Wormer in the Animal House parody. For the last year or so, Tom Byron hasn’t been acting in movies. Can you tell me where Tom Byron should be acting? Last time I checked, Tom Byron had a company called Tom Byron Pictures that Frank Koretsky fucked him on, and while that was going on, Tom Byron edited and acted in all the Extreme Comixxx movies and starred in and won an award for Star Wars. Mike South, if you’re gonna say something at least back it up with facts. You have no knowledge of anything that you’re talking about. But, what do you expect from someone who lives in Georgia and hangs out with losers? Lindsey Lovehands? Who the fuck is that? You hang out with people who hang out with Scott Sparks. I didn’t even know who this jerk off was until you started ranting about him. I’m thinking Scott Sparks pays you to mention him so people know who the fuck he is.

Besides the bouncing checks broken record, can you come up with something new? As far as the ruined career, after Tom Byron got his company stolen from him, would it have been a good career move to go back to doing 50 man gang bangs with Jennifer White? I’m sure 52 year old Tom Byron would like to play out his legacy doing 50 man gang bangs. I forgot, Mike South, that’s something you would be doing. Southern Bukakke, anyone? If you could tell us what companies out there shooting that are looking for 52 year old men that don’t involve blow bangs, we’d love to hear about them. Those of us who have made something of our careers don’t like to take steps backward. I know that’s hard for you to understand, considering you’ve never been successful in anything in your life. If you were really a rocket scientist and had a real degree, why would you be shooting bukakke blowbangs with cracked out hillbillies and writing on a porn site? You wouldn’t because you’re a fake, a phony, a loser.

When we were shooting Batgirl, we were talking about Brad Armstrong and how he would only do two positions, spoon and on his back to hide the fact that he was fat and old. Tom Byron said, “That’s what I’ve always been terrified of. Being the fat old porn guy. Being around too long. I do a scene now and I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack. I don’t wanna do this shit anymore.” Do you realize that in the Obi-Wan Kenobi scene, he didn’t want to do the sex? He said, “I just want to do the acting. A 52 year old man fucking on film is just pathetic.”

Mike South, if you can rationalize doing blowbangs at 52 years old, more power to ya, babe. But in our world, where we were actually successful and were superstars, that’s like being the president and then being the mayor. We used to make fun of Ron Jeremy. Tom said, “I never wanna be Ron Jeremy. Not knowing when my time is done and squeezing the base of my cock to keep it hard.” Most successful porn actors don’t wanna be fucking at 52 years old.

Mike continues:

“Rob is a functional illiterate, most everyone knows he lacks the capacity to write in any understandable form, that’s Tommy doing the writing on AdultFYI and because of his association with Rob nobody in porn will touch him and I don’t blame them.”

Tom Byron does the writing duties for AdultFYI. That’s not a secret. We’re confused. Are you trying to say that I’ve been telling people that I write the stories on AdultFYI? If you listen to the show, everyday I tell people about a new story that Tom Byron put up. We’ve never argued that Tom Byron doesn’t write the stories. Are you jealous because we do more numbers than you? Show us your Google Analytics, bitch! You don’t have it because you don’t want people to see the real numbers. We kick your ass every day in the ratings, you faggot. Both books, Extreme Thoughts and Drink The Kool-Aid say they were written by Tom Byron. Can you at least come up with a better gotcha?

In the past six months, Tom Byron has made a pretty good name for himself as a writer. He’s written two books and he’s in the process of writing my biography and his. None of this would’ve happened if things hadn’t happened the way they did, from Gene Ross retiring to the business turning to shit. He’ll even admit that he wouldn’t have had the wherewithal to start writing if things hadn’t gone down the way they did. Just like I never would’ve decided to do wrestling. There are things that happen in our lives that ultimately put us in different places where we become successful. Right now, Tom Byron is a writer who is pretty fucking good. The ratings for AdultFYI are higher than they were before Tom Byron was writing. If that’s not an indication of how good Tom Byron is, I don’t know what is. If having two books that are hot sellers on Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble is not an indication of a good writer, I don’t know what is.

I just got sent a clip. Patrick says, “Ron Jeremy had to retire after these scenes. It’s embarrassing. It’s like an old boxer who stayed around too long and is getting his ass kicked. LOL. Basically Larry Holmes and Muhammed Ali. In this one, he jerks it for 90% of the scene and then asks the girl to just kiss it. In this one, the girls’s laughing because he can’t get his dick hard and when he cums out of the blue, she’s in shock. LOL.” Yeah Mike South, Tom Byron wants to be Ron Jeremy and not be a writer. Are you out of your fucking mind?

Everyday we talk about Tom Byron writing a new story. Everybody who listens to us knows that Tom Byron writes all the stories. Everybody knows that Tom Byron wrote the last two books. We’ve never hidden this from anybody, you stupid motherfucker. You look like a whiny little cunt. What you should be doing is dispelling the claim that I got you fired. But you can’t, because you know it’s true and now everybody else does too.

He then goes on:

“You can add Lizzy Borden and Katie Summers to the list too….everything Rob gets close to gets fleas…”

OK, Mike. Maybe you’re outta the loop, but last week my soon to be ex-wife Lizzy Borden put out a press release that she has retired from all aspects of the porn biz. Why? Because she’s got a boyfriend who’s a rock musician and together they created a line of jewelry and clothing and other things that don’t involve her being fucked in her asshole. Now we know you’re in your 60’s and still like to jerk off on toothless methheads, but those of us who were successful in our careers don’t like to go backwards. I think when my ex -wife looked at the landscape of porn and got offers from Jim Lane and others at Devil’s Film she said, “Why would I go from being a director and the owner of a company and a wrestling superstar to go back to sucking dick on camera again? Yeah, that’s a good career choice. That shows I’ve progressed in life.”

If Lizzy Borden would’ve gotten back into porn, that would’ve been a loser move. The fact that my ex-wife is doing tours in Salem, Massachusetts and creating jewelry and living with a rock musician proves that she’s not a loser. Yeah, that’s what I sure would want for her to do; blowbangs for Mike South at Southern Bukakke. My ex-wife’s not Jenna Jameson, who shows up pilled out at awards shows and is back to getting railed on camera at 40. Maybe you been away too long lynching blacks in Georgia, you racist motherfucker, but Lizzy Borden don’t suck dick on film no more. She walked away from the porn business and now she’s in the music business.

Now, Katie Summers was going out with a 40 year old kid in a red hat who wanted to be a rapper. She was living with Alia Janine, a 50 year old porn chick in a room on Magnolia. She was with Chris, her agent at Foxxx Modeling doing privates with Brooklyn Lee with Victor and that’s successful? Having her and do hooker gigs for Derek Hay? That’s successful, Mike South? That’s not laying with fleas? Doing privates with Spiegler girls? That’s successful, Mike South? You gotta be the biggest retard on the planet.

Do you realize that Katie Summers never cammed before she met me? Do you realize that she cams with a company that I’m associated with and makes 10% more than any girl who cams? Do you know why? Because she lays down with a flea named Rob Black. She lives in a penthouse in NoHo. Sorry Mike. You need to figure out when you’re insulting people exactly what the fuck you’re talking about.

I’m sorry that you live in the backwoods of Georgia. I’m sorry that you’re a racist. I’m sorry that your mom is also your sister. I’m sorry that instead of using your master’s degree and being a rocket scientist you jack off on speeded out crackheads with other hillbilly losers from Georgia. Doesn’t make much sense, but that’s Mike South.


“I had hoped that Rob had matured some but as it turns out he is just another Donny Long, bitter about his failure in an industry that he should have succeeded in….being born into it and all.”

What failure, Mike South? Just the fact that I had a ten million dollar company. What have you done, Mike South? I have out succeeded you a hundred to one. Industry accolades? I’ve won more than you ever have and ever will. Just the fact that I was able to get your ass fired 17 years ago should say something, you loser. Have you ever won Best Director? Best Sex Comedy? Best Drama Parody? You seem to take these awards seriously. Hell, I’ve got an award they gave to your heroes John Stagliano and Larry Flynt, the Reuben Sturman award. Does that mean that my award is shit, but John Stagliano’s award means something? Or are they all shit? I was the only person in the history of this business to have a federal judge declare obscenity laws unconstitutional. That case is in law books all over the United States, Mike South.

You have no clue about anything that you’re saying and you look incredibly stupid. If you’re gonna insult me, Tom Byron, Lizzy Borden, Katie Summers, you gotta at least have some juice, babe. When you say things that are completely ignorant of the facts, it just makes you like what you are; a lying hillbilly fraud from the South.

This business should be thanking me for exposing what a lying piece of shit you are. Because I’m the only one that keeps your punk ass in check. You’re a phony, you’re a fraud and I expose every day what a lying bitch punk dog you are.

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