This Weekend on the AdultFYI Soap Channel: Did Rebecca Bardoux Really Freak Out in Court?

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Tired of reading on the Corn Pone News Network about the antics of Stuart Wall who doesn’t even own Smash Pictures? Now to the good stuff…

Mike Kulich: “I try to be something of a private person. I don’t like my dirty laundry aired. It wasn’t my dirty laundry, it was kind of cleaning up her [Bardoux’s] psychopathic mess…if you only knew. I had to show up at the court appearance. I was on vacation in Florida and had to come back and deal with it.

“The judge couldn’t see us. They had to postpone it. So I went back to court and we saw the judge. Rebecca pleads her case, I pled mine. And the judge looked at her and said you have no bearing to bring a restraining order against this person. This is obviously a waste of his time. This is a waste of the court’s time.

“And she [Bardoux] freaked. She started yelling in the middle of the court. The judge dismissed me. She said, Mr. Kulich, you’re free to go. I start walking out and Rebecca’s yelling, “You stay away from me!” It was crazy. The bailiff got involved. I’m surprised she didn’t get contempt of court. It was a riot.”

Rebecca Bardoux spoke to me Friday night after she had taped her Internet show. She gave me the whole lowdown regarding her and Mike Kulich of Monarchy Distribution.

Bardoux and Kulich had been in a relationship which ended up in court when Bardoux requested a TRO. She explained to me why she asked for it. Bardoux also claims that Kulich’s version of events in court never happened, and that Kulich is basically a crazy person who makes up stories to seduce women. Read this and more in the next installment today of As Rebecca Bardoux’s World Turns on Adult FYI…

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