Thoughts on an Early Margarita: Diane Duke Throws The Onus on Talent; It’s YOUR Responsibility

Say what you will about Sharon Mitchell, when a health crisis developed in the industry, porn was put on lock down. No questions. No quibblings. No ands, ifs or buts.

In the face of its latest disaster, APHSS is shirking all responsibility for the Hepatitis health scare which may now develop into a full blown Hep C nightmare.

We know who the male performer is. We know he is repped by LA Direct. We know that Lisa Ann blew the whistle on him and we now know this male performer worked in a couple of gang bangs and orgies last week.

How many other performers are involved is anyone’s guess, but Diane Duke’s comments to XBiz in light of all this are priceless.

Said Duke: “Producers and directors and performers have to use this system in order for it to work. Producers aren’t even paying for it. There is absolutely no reason why people should not be using this system.

“We can only hold the industry so accountable. The industry has to be responsible and hold each other accountable. We’re providing the service, we’re providing the doctors and approved testing protocols and testing facilities.”

Duke forgot one thing to add. Sharon Mitchell provided the leadership.

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