Thoughts Over a Labor Day Weekend’s Cup of Coffee: The Alex Gonz Scenario Could Bring Down Free Speech

There’s a new wrinkle in this whole Cameron Bay scenario. Bay was on Amber Lynn’s show Friday night and revealed that she worked with Alex Gonz [pictured].

Put this in the timeline, and you got all kinds of frightening possibilities. We were told that Cameron last tested positive July 27th. She worked for July 31st and, days later, tested positive for HIV. So logic would dictate that you’d look for ambiguities in the safety protocol.

Bay explained to Lynn that when she was told by a friend that Gonz had Hepatitis C, she immediately went to the clinic and got a full panel of tests. That’s when she learned she was HIV positive.

So where does Gonz fit into the timeline? Because if Bay had worked with him BEFORE July 27th and then tested negative July 31st, that’s saying industry testing cannot be trusted to insure your safety.

Bay hasn’t told us when she worked with Gonz who has taken off for parts unknown. We’re told that her scene with Xander Corvus was the only scene she did before she re-tested HIV positive.

So if Bay’s test July 27th didn’t pick up anything from the Gonz encounter, the whole moratorium controversy and the fact that the industry is back to work shows that Diane Duke is talking out of her hat and that Free Speech has no business poking its nose in medical affairs.


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