Thoughts Over a Morning’s Fourth Coffee: Once Again Slim Pickens Doesn’t Have an Original Thought

With his hands caught so many times in the cookie jar, do I really have to go over this?

Slim Pickens today writes an editorial and gets a big bravo from his keyboard allies. Only problem is every thought, every nuance, are straight from the pages of The Rob Black Show and AdultFYI.

Pickens talks about “untested performers” off the street at the Public Disgrace shoot. Rob Black devoted three shows to that topic this week.

Pickens writes: “Oh and isn’t Peter Ackworth, the owner of Kink a board member of the FSC? Fine example of responsibility this man is, perfect for your board of directors…”

Rob Black has been on Acworth’s case for months while Pickens was out fishing.

“How can Helmy or Theo, look at themselves in the mirror?

“We all know Diane Duke is a sellout, ditto Mark Kernes and Christian Mann ( I once had respect for Christian) we all know Jeffery Douglas is just a waste of space on this earth.”

Rob Black takes AVN and XBiz to task daily and broke down the Free Speech board the other day with exactly the same thoughts…I took Kernes to the woodshed on a number of occasions including yesterday and Christian Mann has been dubbed by Black as “the architect of doom”. Yeah, so what, Slim?

The overall tone of Slim’s article is a bag on Mann. We’ve been telling you all along what a reprobate Mann is, but I love when Slim states: “I once had respect for Christian”

Slim also idolizes Paul Fishbein, and I gave you the lowdown on The Fish long before Fishbein lost AVN to Theo because he didn’t pay his bills. And I remember Slim leading the charge against me when I told you tales of how corrupt AVN was. That was twelve years ago. Just catching on, Slim, are we?

Besides borrowing everyone’s material, Slim is a real lousy judge of character, apparently, and you’re going to see that in the weeks ahead when LATATA goes down in a ball of flames.

Bravo, Slim. Great article!!


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