Thoughts Over a Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: This Industry Would Baffle Einstein

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If Slim Pickens is to believed, a fourth performer [a male] has contracted HIV. Pickens is saying “there is a connection to Cameron Bay.”

So besides being a rocket scientist and a pilot of UFO’s, Pickens is now a doctor as well. I say join the crowd.

Diane Duke’s apparently an MD, and her board certified trio of yes-men over at PASS apparently have Harvard school of medicine degrees. When Rob Black, and myself and Isadore Hall called for a lengthy shut down of the business, Duke barked that Hall didn’t know what he was talking about as far as HIV windows go.

Duke keeps telling you that the industry has a super test and advice from government agencies in the know like the CDC about windows of safety are utter nonsense.

Really Diane. You still want to cling to that flimsy excuse? Like I said, if Pickens is to believed, there’s first, second and third generation calculations that Einstein wouldn’t tackle.

This business needs to be shut down for at least a month. Maybe a lot longer. And, again, if Pickens is to believed, and there is a blood trail to Cameron Bay, then Xander Corvus who worked with Cameron Bay on that Public Disgrace shoot is not out of the woods. Neither is, Cal/OSHA.

I said when Corvus went back to work, that this was premature. And now Sydney Leathers, you have real reason to be scared because that HIV test which you took is probably a fugazi. And Steve Hirsch, that movie you shot on the sly in Las Vegas may be a simmering fester of HIV for all we know. If Slim Pickens is to be believed, because Corvus was your Spiderman. Now there’s a name that might come back to haunt. Spiderman.

On set or off set transmission, the splitting of hairs doesn’t matter. And why Michael Weinstein and Isadore Hall continue to put out press releases instead of taking effective action is another mystery as well.

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