Thoughts Over an Afternoon’s Margarita: Mr. Marcus: “About to fuck these haters with pure strength”

Mr.Marcus ‏@akaMrMarcus Tweeted the following on Thursday: “Just left the gym. Put in 2 hours of lifting. About to fuck these haters with pure strength.”

One must assume Marcus is talking about the fallout created by his appearance on Jessica Bangkok’s show – one which cost Bangkok her job.
If I were Marcus, I’d be doing less reps and more acts of contrition in the porn confessional.

Ever since last summer when it was discovered that he was doctoring syphilis tests and hiding the fact from his fellow performers, Marcus not only forced a moratorium on the business, he’s been everything but humble and contrite about it. You might even say he’s become quite defensive as this latest Tweet would indicate.

As guest of honor at his own pity party, I guess Marcus fails to see that he’s cast a very long shadow, and that his name has become synonymous with greed, arrogance and duplicity.

The other week Marcus also tweeted that he was considering a move to Hawaii. How does a person one minute risk his professional standing for a couple of bucks to pay rent, then have enough stashed away to make a move like that?

Makes ya wonder.

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