Thoughts Over An Evening’s Frangelico: You Gonna Believe Stagliano?

Diane Duke and Free Speech today commented: “Dr. Miao has contacted Free Speech to categorically deny that he shared the patient’s [Cameron Bay] records or had ever discussed the patient’s medical information with Mr. Stagliano.

Further, Mr. Stagliano has confirmed to the Free Speech Coalition that he had not spoken directly to Dr. Miao about this patient, or received any medical records from the doctor.”


No matter that Rob Black in his conversations with Cameron Bay was told that Stagliano called Bay with information about her viral load. Bay asked how he got that information. Stagliano reportedly said he got it from Cutting Edge.

Let’s look at the guy denying these remarks. Stagliano brags to the industry that he can cheat the HIV test because his viral count is low from all the medicine he takes.

Stagliano hides his HIV status from performers and is currently being sued by Katie Summers because of that.

Stagliano habitually cheats on his wife with HIV negative female performers in the industry.

Stagliano’s vice president Christian Mann helped cover up Mr. Marcus’ syphilis condition.

We could go on, but you get the point. Yeah, we’re gonna take Stagliano’s word on the Dr.Miao controversy.


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