Thoughts Over Morning’s Second Cup Of Coffee: Monica, You Had Me at Hello

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Evidently from what she’s been posting on her site these days Monica Foster, has joined the Rob Black army. Welcome, and good for her.

Even so, Black, thinks Foster’s 26% bat shit crazy because of some of her religious colloquies. As far as I’m concerned, Monica can pray to the eight brass monkeys from the sacred ancient crypts of Egypt as long as she keeps coming up with some of the provocative stories she’s been doing.

To wit. This Richard Nanula yarn really has me intrigued. Not just because Nanula, a high powered Hollywood executive, got caught in a love nest with Wicked Pictures contract girl Samantha Saint, it’s how it might have been done. Someone has a tape and who is that someone?

Back in the era of tinsletown gossip rags like Confidential, it was common place for snapping flash bulb photographers to barge into motel rooms and catch compromised couples inflagrante delicto. And that’s what this Nanula story reminds me of: the classic pulp magazine shake down.

What now becomes an intriguing angle in this scenario is Nanula’s presumed attorney Keith M. Davidson [pictured]. Davidson contacted Foster about removing the Nanula pictures and Foster said she would if Nanula made a public statement to the contrary. Fat chance that a Miramax executive would accede to the wishes of a mere blogger, but stranger things have happened.

Now on a roll, Foster has come out with some other interesting Davidson factoids. It appears that Davidson, a Beverly Hills attorney, specializes in tabloid shenanigans.

I already told you about the Capri Anderson lawsuit against Charley Sheen. Davidson was her attorney

On top of that, Foster uncovers these little nuggets:

For a time Davidson represented Dawn Holland an employee at the Betty Ford clinic who made allegations against Lindsay Lohan for physically assaulting her.

Holland stated in interviews that she was under the impression that she would receive a settlement from Lohan – a $25,000 settlement which never manifested according to reports. Holland subsequently fired Davidson and damned him with very faint praise in a interview.

Davidson has also represented Sara Leal (Ashton Kutcher’s alleged mistress) and was sued by Tila Tequila relative to a sex tape Tequila and her ex Francis Ten made. Celebrity sextape broker Kevin Blatt was included in the lawsuit. Foster, I’m sure, will come up with more.

Yeah, like the great Mike South is telling you, things are really slow in porn right now.

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