Thoughts Over the Afternoon’s Barbecue: Meeting Raul

Unlike some pine tar websites I give credit where credit is do. And so I urge my readers to click on to The Real Porn Wiki Leaks for an update on the further amazing adventures of “suitcase pimp” Raul and The Starr Sisters [photo courtesy of

If I were a betting man, I’d bet that LA Direct supplied the background information to this piece. The part I don’t understand is that we’re painted a picture of Natasha Starr as some unappealing Euro-slob with bad teeth and cutting edge halitosis whose scenes don’t rate a helluva lot on the sexual Richter scale. According to some directors.

One question. If Natasha Starr were that despicable, what was LA Direct doing signing her? I guess I already know the answer. The Starr sisters came packaged as a duo with sister Natalia the prize in the crackerjack box. Buy one you have to take the other. Okay, so what.

The outcome is the thing. Is attorney Al Gelbard going to fall flat on his kisser and wind up driving the Shane’s World bus again, or is Derek going to lose two steers out of the herd?

No offense to anyone, but if this battle were over a prize heifer, then I’d buy the pay-per-view broadcast. As such, I’ll be down the street at the cantina the rest of the day.

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