Thoughts Over The Afternoon’s Magarita: Lord, Please Don’t Tell Me That Princess Donna is a Pimp

Who knows what my “after hours” calls to the Rob Black Show, will unearth? In the unplugged segment of his show Friday, Black got talking about Princess Donna. On his show the previous day Black alluded to the fact that even directors were pimping out girls to Johns and mentioned Princess Donna. Friday, he elaborated.

Blacks alleges that Princess Donna of had done so with Skin Diamond. Black also said it was a well known fact that Princess Donna had arranged a BDSM session with a John named “Victor”.

If you’ve been listening to Black’s show with any regularity you know he’s been harshly critical of both Peter Acworth and Princess Donna. But this latest revelation was news to me.

Before he got to the Princess Donna news, Black remembered in the old days when a porn girl was solicited to do a private with an Atlanta Braves baseball player.

“You know how much he was paying?” asked Black. “$600. Because he can get porn girls that will do it for $600. The girl didn’t do it because I told her, ‘Are you serious. This is a guy who just signed a $24M contract and he can’t even pay a $1000?’

“Why would he? He could go down a line of [porn] girls he could get on Eros for $400, $500 an hour.”

Referring to the story in which Wicked Pictures contract girl Samantha Saint was allegedly paid to do a sex tape with a John , Black said, “You can get an old school porn star that people will pay less than $6,000 than Samantha Saint. You could get a Lisa Ann caliber for less than $6,000.”

Just this week Jenna Presley in an interview talked about quitting the business but one of the last interviews she gave Howard Stern, Presley was bragging about how she was earning $4,000 an hour as an escort.

“That’s another bullshit lie,” said Block.

“That’s what the girls say to justify what they do. Because when they got into the adult business they thought they were going to be a big adult porn star. And then they were lied to and they realized their whole lives amounted to sucking dick for $100 privates.

“But in their mind they want to tell everyone they were making $40,000 a day. Yeah, okay, bitch. That’s why you’re doing scene work for Jim Lane where he does a gag-throat-fuck where basically your eyes are watering and he pays you $300.

“So you’re collecting $300 for a face fuck. These girls are liars about making the big money and that’s how they justify they were lied to, believed the lie and couldn’t smarten up. So they make the elaborate stories. Bullshit, you’re on Eros. No guy on Eros pays a $1,000 an hour. Dyanna Lauren, world famous porn star? Yeah you can get her for $500. The world famous Vivid porn star that Steve Hirsch takes care of.

“At the end of the day none of these girls are making $1,000.” Except maybe Skin Diamond. “There is this guy that’s a rich executive,” relates Black.

“He gets off on beating and doing all these ungodly things to young girls. The guy pays the girls $2,000. And they’re all privates. So Princess Donna hires these girls and they work. It’s a four-hour session. And you’re allowed to drink and get fucked up. They encourage it because it deadens the pain.

“And you’re only allowed to take a certain number of breaks. This guy beats the fuck out of you and tortures you. And Princess Donna joins in on the torture. And this goes on for four hours.

“Skin Diamond was involved in a session like that. She thought she would be safe with Princess Donna who’s one of the girls, and you’d think one of the girls would look out for you. And Princess Donna not only didn’t look out for her but she joined in on the torture and beatings.

“Where at the end of this session she was so fucking distraught. This was a girl who went out on a private. It was not a professional shoot in a dungeon run by Princess Donna. Skin Diamond says she got paid $3,000. I beg to differ, but I’ll go with that figure.

“So Skin Diamond was paid that amount to be tortured. What was done to Skin Diamond by this rich old guy and Princess Donna is what we do to detainees that were suspects in the bombing of 9/11. What we do to those guys to get information is exactly what Princess Donna and this gentleman Victor did.

“And the people in this business think that’s acceptable. I would love to hear the explanation of why that’s acceptable.

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